World War Z is FREE for a LIMITED time, here's how to get it FOREVER… (2020)

With the latest wwz update bringing crossplay, new weapons, character skins and a mission objective, World War Z has gone free for a limited time in 2020, here’s how to get it and keep FOREVER.

You have from today until April 2nd to pick WWZ up and keep it FOREVER, enjoy 🙂
Insane WWZ Solo Clutch:
Weekly WWZ Challenge Mode:
Use Code: “Z-VENATIX”

World War Z is a thrilling four-player cooperative third-person shooter featuring massive swarms of zombies that recklessly rush their living prey. Focused on fast-paced gameplay — and based on the incredibly popular Paramount Pictures property of the same name — World War Z explores new storylines and characters from around the world in tense, overwhelming, gruesomely exciting missions crafted specifically for modern consoles and PC. Epic games. World war z epic games. World war z game epic games.

🎧 Epidemic Sound
・ Lasers and Stuff by Tigerblood Jewel
・ Stiockholm (Instrumental) by Revel Day

💬 Stay Connected
・ Discord Server:
・ Twitter:
・ Use Code “Z-VENATIX” in the Epic Game Store

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🙏 Stay safe out there

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  1. You have from today until April 2nd to pick WWZ up and keep it FOREVER, enjoy 🙂

    Insane WWZ Solo Clutch: https://youtu.be/GfgvHUUKbdU

    Weekly WWZ Challenge Mode: https://youtu.be/qaJWzZMSp8I

    Use Code: "Z-VENATIX"

  2. Wow i paid 7$ on epic for it. Im still mad like wtf bunch of fucking cunts if i cant refund it people that bought it should have free dlc pack. Seriously man its retarded

  3. Todas is March 28 and i have to pay só you are not correct if you can explain to me what apõem plz explain

  4. Hey bro i don't have to pay for it when the sale ends right?[if i get the game before sale ends]

  5. If you download it, is it permanently going to stay forever in your games library?

  6. so if i have it free it will be mine permanently ?

  7. How do I get it on the PS4 for free ?

  8. in epic games?

  9. If i only pick it up but not download it, will it be still be in my library?My computer isn't strong enough

  10. Is it also free on ps4? If it is how do you download it?

  11. How do i put the code if i already install and play it?

  12. Why does he sound like vanoss

  13. its not free for a limited time. If you buy it at the time before it ends, you get it permanently.

  14. Wait i got this game for free and this doesnt show how to get this forever

  15. Game size?

  16. Is it only on pc? Not PS4?

  17. A great game to pass some time during an outbreak ♡♡♡♡♡

  18. Love youuuuu

  19. So not for ps4 for free huh?

  20. es de por vida o tiempo limitado?

  21. I'm confused. So it came out for free, but are you saying that if I got it today, then on April 2nd it will say you have to pay now? Is it like a free trial or is it once you get it for free you keep if forever?

  22. Wow~ you can talk really fast, man
    I've just subsceibed 👍

  23. I downloaded it but it won’t let me play smhhhhh I’m on pcc

  24. Thought it’s only till 2 April then the game gets took of us

  25. Hey man I just brought all the bundles available on epic games but it's not showing me the packs in game 😑
    What to do plzz help

  26. hi, i've a question, if i install this game free now it would be free forever or should i pay something?

  27. Does this mean I can keep it forever or will it be free for the time being?

  28. Just…. Just go get it from Epic games

  29. If i buy the game will it be mine forever or limited time

  30. Shame the online services are down..

  31. Don't you have too still pay even if you have the game installed after the expire date?

  32. When will xbox and ps4 get it for free?

  33. Any news for mouse and keyboard support on xbox?

  34. Can’t get the game to launch,keeps crashing..

  35. 37 dislikes? For fucking what? You morons, get a life. Love the video.

  36. I just get the game and it's in library. Do i have to download the game?

  37. Is it free forever or till the 2nd April?

  38. no problem on download , but the server sucks , connection fails everytime.

  39. Does it have crossplay?

  40. Can you help me
    I've played the cracked vrs and now I donwload the game on epic and now I can't play mutiplayer or co-op with my friends it keep said that i need to accept term of service. Pls help me i really like this game 🙏🙏🙏

  41. Hi im new awesome video and pls do more videos abaout this game bacause im new in this game and yeah i want to see whats coming.Keep up the great work!😃😃😃😃

  42. I'm new on epicgames 🙁 and i wonder where exactly i can use the code plz ?

  43. wait i didnt get it how do i get it forever

  44. Was expecting it to be a bad game but it’s actually fun

  45. Excuse me? SADLY?! They get aton of stuff for free we dont we just get whatever indie game or whatever on epic once a week

  46. keep it forever
    fuck yeah

  47. Bro epic games is the best

  48. watch dogs 1 was free too ^^

  49. Will this be forever in my Games Library after I download it now ?

  50. I'm downloading it right now so once I download it is it mine forever?

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