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Why Japan's Great Pyramid of Giza Can't be Built Until 2110


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We do videos on intriguing & thought-provoking Asiany topics, including stereotypes, history, culture & geography.

Researcher: Kento Bento, Isambard Dexter
Writer/Narrator: Kento Bento
Illustrator: Charlie Rodriguez
Video Editor: Kento Bento
Official Cheerleader: Nina Bento



London. October, 1992. A Japanese man entered a government building near Chancery Lane, and made his way up to an office on the first floor – this was the London branch of the UK’s Patent Office.

You see this man was there on behalf of Japan’s renowned Shimizu Corporation – a leading architectural and engineering firm that was and is among the top in the world; and he was there to apply for a patent. (Note, to secure their ideas globally it was necessary to apply not just in Japan). Now this particular patent, was for no ordinary idea; it was for something grand – something spectacular; the idea was to build giant pyramids in the middle of some of the largest and busiest urban centers in the world; starting with Tokyo. These infrastructures would be so large, they could house entire cities.

But why? What was this for?

And who exactly is the Shimizu Corporation?

To understand this, we need to go back in time, back over 200 years ago to the company’s inception.

This video covers:
– Shimizu Megacity Pyramid TRY-2004
– Megastructures
– Pyramidal structures
– Japanese architectural & engineering companies
– Kisuke Shimizu
– Edo period
– Japan’s population decline
– Tokyo’s overpopulation & overcrowding
– Large scale construction projects
– Floating cities, underwater cities, space hotels
– Blade Runner (Tyrell Corporation headquarters pyramid)
– Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza
– Burj Khalifa & Jeddah Tower
– 2 kilometer high building
– Tokyo Bay
– Megatrusses & suspended skyscrapers
– Renewable energy of solar, wind, algae & waves
– Japanese earthquakes & tsunamis
– Pacific Ring of Fire
– X-Seed 4000 (Taisei Corporation)
– Mega-City Pyramids in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi & Dhaka
– Largest man-made structure in history
– Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City


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  1. FYI, the English pronunciation of the word 'patent' outside of North America can often be 'pay-tent', and within North America 'pah-tent' (though there are regions that don't always follow this rule, especially more recently). Either way, neither are wrong.

    Correction: Before 1868 the capital was Kyoto, not Edo (though Edo was what Tokyo was called back then). Also forgot to include that a major reason the Giza pyramid is mentioned in the video as a point of comparison is because the Shimizu pyramid is meant to have the exact same (relative) dimensional proportions.

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  2. We going futuristic.

  3. yeahhhhh except the pyramids were built before our record of humans…or at least the sphinx was. great video.

  4. wait, if there was glass domes around in the pyramid, wouldn’t the glass break if a tsunami came towards the city?

  5. Sad… I wont be alive when its finished

  6. "Lighter and stronger than steel"

    Me an intellectual:Uh vibranium

  7. It would be cool now, but… Imagine living inside a pyramid your whole life and never seeing the real world. Sounds crap right?

  8. You mean no sunlight for those people? That's very unhealthy. And, also people might feel claustrophobic. This isn't rhe best way to tackle the population problem.

  9. Looks like tyrannical , freedom deprived and oxygen deprived hell. No running from surveillance or police there lol .. scary shit

  10. So stupid lol.. typical 1980s coked out, unreasonable ideas.. before reality hits and climate change and resource depletion.. people were and clearly many of you are, still stupid and don't understand how humans don't rule this earth and need balance in nature to survive Nd this expensive shit would be the biggest money sink, and stupid for many reasons lol

  11. 9:21 titanium

  12. They should wait an extra two years so they can play 2112 by rush when it opens.

  13. The pyramid of giza is filled except for the king's and queens chamber and few passage ways so the comparison is flawed.

  14. Yes Mumbai

  15. What about people getting sick of less sunlight

  16. But would the pyramid have 3 sides or 4 ?

  17. nice work

  18. No chance of something like that to ever turn into a nightmare putting a million eggs in one basket , target of terrorism, dictatorship, criminal control , diseases, viruses , disasters ……..

  19. Who u educating Kento? Everyone watching this video gon be dead by then

  20. So there is 37 million people? And the city can only hold 1 million? That doesn’t seem very effective

  21. You make learning fun!!!!!!!

  22. dam nice segway ingto skillshare

  23. Mix carbon fibre with aluminium lime strong steel rock titanium

  24. They have to contact me . show me they're project

  25. r/mildlyinteresting! 🙂

  26. Because China will come up with another virus lol

  27. To bad japan is losing pop I recently fell in love with Japanese culture it made me cry when I heard it

  28. See, that's why we love Japan

  29. My man out here building Tokyo-3, dude relax we don't have the angels in this timeline.

  30. I use Skillshare and it is really effective

  31. cool

  32. A square would be much more effective, most building are rectangles, pyramid would waste so much space

  33. the firm is correct it would collapse under its own weight
    I have a better idea for a city – but it will never get built

  34. cool my grandchildren will be like 50 when that pyramid is done

  35. Why is everything so secret?

  36. That's a cool idea it's like the courasant from star wars where the bottom would be for lower class citizens and the upper deck would be for rich people

  37. I`m just waiting for the entire world to be that pyramid

  38. To build needs a special metal thousand Times stronger than steel
    Me:why cant we use titanium

  39. Imagine viruses outbreaks inside that building 🦠

  40. 10:26 i’m bangladeshi, and it’s impossible for it to be in Dhaka. Have you SEEN it?

  41. thanks for calling the name dhaka


    sorry for shouting 😁

  43. Teach you in school about 5-year and 15-year business plans. Makes you wonder is Shimuizu wanted to go to space….

  44. Me: haves 5 drinks of beer
    Japanese people: you can’t have drinks in public
    Me: but I bought it in the gift
    Japanese people: I know but you can’t still have the drinks
    Me: I bought the fake, did you see me bought it?

  45. 🇬🇧🇯🇵

  46. The concept kinda reminds me of wall e for some reason

  47. 90 years left boii

  48. It has a bigger population than. Anada

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