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We're Moving Out

After 5 years we’ve decided it’s time to move out of our London Apartment! Goodbye mice, danger and disturbing noises.
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  1. i just realised after 3 years that the title can be interpreted as moving out in separate places and i love that none of us even thought of that like,,,

  2. There is a comment from one of their videos from when I first joined the phandom last year saying "do they live together???"

  3. The flower crown in a crate is kinda aesthetic

  4. *We're coming out

  5. Are we just going to ignore this moment 8:36 hits different

  6. Omg i never realized how tall dan and phil are

  7. we will never get a current apartment tour until they decided to move into their forever home

  8. oh my god its been almost 3 years?? it stills feels like they still live here

  9. Dan: "our walls are so thin they are edible"
    Neighbors: "yeah"

  10. 7:08 I think Dan needed to start making videos again before he worries about his background…😂

  11. Tell us what was in the secret draw?

  12. i can’t believe this was two years ago WERE DYING YALL

  13. They don't feel conected to the apartment because their real home is one another (:

  14. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought that Dan was either crying, on weed or he was really tired.
    After watching the video idk what to believe

  15. I’ve lived in my home for a decade

  16. I have no ideas why I’m watching this in 2019 but when you talked about the guy drilling outside, my dad decided to start drilling and I had to go investigate to see what he was doing.

  17. anyone else who lives in London will understand the struggle and the beauty of the fucking police sirens waking me up at 2 in the morning!

  18. Phil: We have the thinnest walls ever!
    Phil, later: We still have the metal vault walls.

    Me: So are the walls thin or thick?

  19. I remember when I was genuinely sad that they were moving

  20. I’m watching this from the future in a whole new

    😔✨ D e c a d e ✨😔


  22. I wonder what was in the drawer🤔

  23. 1:05 that expectant look…

  24. yet I'm here screaming about phil describing витас in his true form

  25. I love that it’s no longer “Phil’s house that Dan also lives in” but it’s their house and every time they say “we could move” it fills the void in my soul

  26. If the walls are edible metal then does that mean they’re iron dragon slayers?-

  27. Phil: our walls are made of rice paper
    Also phil: we've got metal vaults between the walls


  28. lickin the floorboards tasting like wood

    Fav line😂

  29. Licking the floor boards, tasting like wood- mouse


  31. honestly when he said " London has a lot of cultures" I thought of plague pits

  32. phil: the walls are so thin there probably made of ricepaper
    also phil: i think the walls are still metal!

  33. ahh dont say decade dan says well its been a decade

  34. 7:57 dan what the fuck is u doing

  35. Licking the floor boards tasting like wood

  36. it would Phil Phil your needs

  37. 0.49 was the cutest thing I've ever heard

  38. 3:13 slenderbob flash backs
    Anyone else?
    No? Ok.
    I'll see myself to the exit

  39. Cracks on the ceilings? Guess you could say that crack is pretty high

    I will now continue to jump from my 36th floor balcony

  40. Wait I'm so impressed that they're not afraid of mice

  41. Iv lived in my house for 15 years

  42. Your apartment is like, super nice I don't get it

  43. I don't know if I'm the only one that noticed this but if you look at Dan in the thumbnail and throughout the video his eyes are red raw and he looks like he's been crying

    I'm probably wrong and he's probably just fine but i couldn't help but notice it

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