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Nha Trang, Vietnam Vlog #19

We moved to Nha Trang, Vietnam! We’re so excited to finally say we live at a coastal city – even if it’s just for a couple of months. Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, this has been a life-long dream for us and it has finally come true!

Join us as we show you around our neighborhood, our apartment and take you to the beach!

We found our apartment on facebook and it costs $600 dollars, all inclusive! Thats internet (100Mbps), electricity, water and cleaning once per week! We think that is great value for money! On top of that we live right in the centre of town, where all the wonderful restaurants and activities are. We could not be happier living here!

Of course this has all been made possible through working online as English teachers, if you would be interested in learning how we made this possible, feel free to contact us in the comments or via e-mail, and we will be happy to help out:)

Also, if that is something that interests you, check out the links we have below!

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you. If you have no questions, still leave a comment just to say hello:)

We look forward to seeing you in the next video!

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We’re Rhett & Claire, a couple from Johannesburg, South Africa. We left Africa to embark on an adventure starting off in Asia! We would really love to have you follow along on this adventure! Our first few months will be spent in South East Asia where we are enrolled for a TESOL course in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

Our goal for this channel is to document and show you guys as much of the process as possible while making it fun, informative and cinematic. So stay tuned if you are interested in exploring new places with us, eating weird and wonderful foods and diving into the local culture and life as an English teacher in Asia.


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  1. We moved to Nha Trang, Vietnam! We're so excited to finally say we live at a coastal city – even if it's just for a couple of months. Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, this has been a life-long dream for us and it has finally come true! As always, please leave any comments you may have down below and we will be sure to get back to you😃

  2. Great video. Good information. Thank You!

  3. What’s the name of this ABNB?

  4. If I were you I wouldn't have lived in HCM in the first place.

  5. Hi Claire and Rhett i know you it's normal to say nha trang as you write it but please say it as it suppose to. Nha tjang 😉

  6. really nice video, does your apartment complex rent long term? how do you pay rent, with bank wire transfer or something similar. thanks

  7. Hey guys ! Great video
    What is the page you used to find the apartment on Facebook or online? I will be moving to Nha Trang in the new year.
    Also an online teacher 😄😄

  8. Welcome to my home town. Nha Trang city.

  9. Hey guys! Super fun and informative video. How old are you guys actually? I am going to Vietnam for 31 days alone starting January. Also visit Na Thrang! I would actually prefer to stay a month in multiple places to experience 'life' as it is instead of taking the touristic tour too much. Do you guys have some advice for meeting new people in Vietnam? Do you have local friends? 😊

    Much love💐

  10. Love your vlogs, new subscriber here! Have a feeling I'll be binging your vids now!

  11. Hi, love your videos & the things that you guys do! What's the recommended budget airline to get from city to city? Planning to go from Saigon to Danang in December. Traveling from Brunei Darussalam

  12. Hi guys sea-lovers, nice videos, keep up haha

  13. Hey guys 😄 Nha Trang is a cool city, super excited to see the vlogs! That apartment is crazy affordable for what you get! How have you guys found living in Vietnam? We are trying to decide on somewhere to live next year and are tossing up between a few places, Vietnam being one of them. OMG that food looks sooooo good! YUM!

  14. Im also from South Africa, Ive been in Nha Trang a year now. Awesome city

  15. 50 years ago I was in the US Army at the Nha Trang Airbase during the Vietnam War. Even then, Nha Trang was a beautiful city, compared to most other locations in South Vietnam. I'm so glad that Nha Trang as prospered during the past 45 years of peace. Best regards to the beautiful people of Nha Trang. Around the time of 1980, a large contingent of Vietnamese refugees came to the USA and our church in Pennsylvania sponsored a family with 4 children. I worked with the children introducing them to the English language. But the be honest, the kids were so intelligent that they picked up more of the English language by watching TV programs, Sesamee Street, etc. All four of the children went on to college and all are doing well, as I understand all of them are grandparents themselves, having been in the USA for 40+ years…

  16. how long will you guys be staying nha trang?

  17. #team Vietnamese

  18. Im a real estate broker in Nha Trang. This really interesting to me because i have been all the building you were. ^_^

  19. Putin takes over Vietnam ..

  20. Be careful when you going out or walk. Robber will steal your phone and wallet

  21. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Really need to sort out my travel plans, but have no idea where to go! :/

  23. Ah, very cool to have a change of scenery for a couple of months guys! And really nice apartment – really big living area 👍
    And the beach is really lovely there! Dreams do come true, hey!? 😊

  24. Best smoothies in Nha Trang
    Best Gym in Nha Trang
    NT Fitness

  25. Nha Trang has become Russianville

  26. Have fun bro

  27. Too many Russians, Danang is better. Great video though and glad you like it there. Nice apartment.

  28. Salt actually can lower blood pressure. Enjoy it.

  29. Wow… Welcome you came to my city.
    First time i saw your chanel and subscribe in 1s😆 Mostly the foreign guest is China and Russia in Nha Trang.I'm very happy see you here. There is a peace city and lifestyle so slowly. Hope see you in a one day.
    Enjoy your trip and take care ^^

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