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Voodoo Queen (Marie Laveau) American Horror Story Coven

~ Cordelia goes up to Marie Laveau to ask for a medicinal favor…~
American Horror Story – Coven
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  1. How I do love that laugh…xoxo❤️

  2. I never seen this episode on Netflix of the coven

  3. Why is this TV show set nowdays she was around in the 18 hundreds

  4. Incredible

  5. Baby gravy lol

  6. We need a season about the voodoo tribes.

  7. marie laveau was a woman of power and honour , she became the queen of new Orleans by the power of vodoo

  8. Angela is so beautiful.

  9. A witch that does not know moon cycles? What am idiot

  10. All hail our queen

  11. One of the real descendants of Marie laveau was in this she was the lady in the other blue head wrap (not sure on the name ) with the fan

  12. Baby gravy……..😂😂😂

  13. Hail the queen

  14. Wait why did cornelia want that spell?

  15. Bubblin skeet!

  16. I love how she goes to explain to Cordelia about the fertility spell then laughs in her face when she asks about the new moon … what’s sad is Cordelia really had nothing to do with Fiona’s ass., but Fiona and Leavaux ended up liking each other anyway so it is what it is

  17. Looking at this in a different perspective. I think Marie knew more about Cordelia than she led on. She wanted to help her but already knew the power she had within her. Why would she be so inviting to be so mean? She didn't want to say anything but she knew Cordelia was powerful.

  18. Marie Lavaue 2019 an upgrade queen

  19. I love this sooo much

  20. Am i the only one who realized marie gave Cordelia a vison of what happens

  21. This is so inaccurate and disrespectful of actual Voodun but whatever…

  22. Lmfaoooo Baby Gravy? Oh Wow, Thats a new one haha!

  23. Marie: “And $50,000 in cash upfront”

    Cordelia: “Jesus!….” 😂😂😂

  24. 2 oz of nut you know how long that would take

  25. I love how they made that whole scene of the spell, just to have Marie say hell no. I thought she was gonna help her.

  26. "Too late for tears, the damage is DONE” my favorite line EVEEEEEEER

  27. That’s a laugh to make you feel like shit lol

  28. I could feel the energy just by watching this video.

  29. I wonder if the coven had an idea of what Marie was doing every year and tried to stop her but obviously couldn't so they had a war

  30. marie is Mary in the Bible, the devil, billie Jean, dirty Diana, Felicia, we got many names for her dumbness

  31. The image of an immortal witch on a throne of bones playing solitaire on an ipad offering a coca cola is everything i need in my life

  32. Tribe of Levi for real

  33. So she just save old sperm from consoms?

  34. “Walks in here, hahaha, like she’s the queen of England”. LOL!

  35. They should've had her speak some Haitian creole. Oo!

  36. Marie Laveau and Papa Legba are my favorite characters of AHS:Coven. I love her laugh, first time I saw this show, terrified me, but it was perfect. I hope the next season of this show will be more horrifying. Can't wait to see it!!!

  37. this role as Marie was made for Angela Bassett, I honestly don't think any other actress would be able to play the role like her

  38. If 4/16 = 0.25 Then 28416 x 0.25 = Altered State of Being^^

  39. She's the perfect STORM!

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