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Virtual Tour of the Titanic (Old Version)

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Virtual Tour of the Titanic: Honor & Glory. Titanic Tour | Titanic VR

If you like this Demo Please Support the Makers at www.titanichg.com, as I’m sure the finished product will be amazing!!! Check out My Updated Version of this video at: Thank You for Watching.

Reflecting the White Star Line’s reputation for superior comfort and luxury, the RMS Titanic had extensive facilities for First-Class passengers which were widely regarded as the finest of her time. In contrast to her French and German competitors, whose interiors were extravagantly decorated and heavily adorned, the Titanic emphasised comfort and subdued elegance more in the style of a British country manor or luxury hotel. Titanic’s enormous size enabled her to feature unusually large rooms, all equipped with the latest technologies for comfort, hygiene, and convenience. Staterooms and public spaces recreated historic styles with a painstaking attention to detail and accuracy. There were a wide range of recreational and sporting facilities in addition which provided ample opportunity for amusement during a voyage.
Although closely similar to her sister ship and predecessor the RMS Olympic, Titanic featured additional First-Class staterooms, augmented public rooms, and myriad minor improvements to enhance her luxury and comfort.



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  1. 400tun,bylo v té době pravděpodobné, že se potopī.

  2. Don't forget the 108th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is coming up on the 14th/15th of April.

  3. amajing

  4. Where are the toilet?

  5. Vous parlez un peu Français ?

  6. https://youtu.be/VH51dsK1wIw

  7. No 2000+ NPCs , 0/10

  8. Is the Game Payware?

  9. Wie heißt das spiel ???

  10. How do I walk to the grand staircase and outside

  11. Claustrophobic

  12. If you would like to see my other Titanic Honor and Glory video, you can see them in my playlist at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-p45t3Y9gk9CpJDyfLHfs7IztUHrjx_z Thank You to everyone who watched my videos 🙂

  13. Maybe slow down a bit so we know what's going on

  14. good vt

  15. Quem veio por causa do voce sabia?

  16. For people wondering how they manage to re-create spaces on the Titanic with very little information to go on, here's a video they did explaining that exact thing:

  17. what game

  18. 👌 👌 👌

  19. esta es la demo ?

  20. Perfect as CS map

  21. go a bit easier on the camera movement otherwise pretty cool.

  22. Waar vindt je dit ? Ik wil dit ook op mijn i-pad……

  23. Fantastic video.

  24. Can you go into the engine room??

  25. Who came here after playing voyage of despair

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