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Urbanization and the future of cities – Vance Kite

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About 10,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers, aided by rudimentary agriculture, moved to semi-permanent villages and never looked back. With further developments came food surpluses, leading to commerce, specialization and, many years later with the Industrial Revolution, the modern city. Vance Kite plots our urban past and how we can expect future cities to adapt to our growing populations.

Lesson by Vance Kite, animation by ATMG Studio.


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  1. humans: we need something for population control
    coronavirus: why u running away tho!!

  2. Kto ogląda ten film bo dostał linka od Pani z geografii podczas e-lekcji?

  3. the only problem of this dense cities is that it promotes the rapid spread of a pandemic. covid, to be exact.


  5. where is the cities in britain and australia are they just like not mattering any more 🙁 hmmm

  6. Great expliaination of urbanization in a short period of time.

  7. Bt at the age of Ramayana and Mahabharata i.e during treta and dwapar yuga people were much more civilized.

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  13. What was the point of all this so called technology? Wouldnt of humans been better off just all farming? All of this technology is litterally built to make it easy for the lazy human. In doing so a small group has monopolized everything and controls all the food and all items we consume. It's not natural for human animals to all move to cities.

  14. the coronavirus will help out with overpopulation

  15. These ted-ed videos are just so interesting

  16. We need to reduce the world population to two billion.

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  18. 와 한국어 있다 이렇게 소소한 행복을..

  19. Full of respect for people developing urbanisation… Thanks for reporting

  20. 2020 ? Anyone

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  22. im only watching this cause i have to.

  23. who here tryna understand Global Perspectives?

  24. 3:07 Who else thought of Blade Runner as soon as they saw this?

  25. growing weed in wertical buildings

  26. One day Earth is going to be like Coruscant

  27. We, as a responsible citizen, need to use whatever we have more efficiently & sustainably to reduce the human footprint on our nature so that more people can be accommodated in the urban areas.

  28. I hate cities… I really hope this doesn't happen in my lifetime. I love the country air, less people, and having a real community with traditions and culture.

  29. My teachers making write a summary on urbanization

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  31. you forgot nz on the map

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  34. Roman were waste on earth

  35. It is Kolkata not Calcutta.

  36. future looks nice with technology

  37. Can we think of ruralization for once? Is building a city with a boundary an answer to everything?

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  39. Geography homework…

  40. You people are supposed to study rn but instead of studying you are watching YouTube. But i'm here to study because my teacher gave this link to me and write about Urbanization.

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  42. What we need right now is efficient and adaptable cities, next we need safe and eco friendly cars, space mining, ecological science advancements, and big progress on space travel to build an interstellar civilization

  43. I love Ted-Ed videos, but this is the first one I have disliked. Almost no lesson was thaught.

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