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Trixie Mattel & Edward Hansen on American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 12 #AfterShow

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On this #AfterShow, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 queen Trixie Mattel and Edward Hansen recap Wednesday’s finale of American Horror Story: Hotel!

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  1. i didn't even see ahs, but listening to that ending gave me goosebumbs. wow.

  2. Hayshtay Ayftershow

  3. Hairy Chested HUNK!! WOW!!

  4. 6:32

  5. I know you all came for 06:32

  6. at 6:30 if thats not me

  7. was trixie crying at parts of this

  8. Where are the AHS Cult recaps?

  9. Trixie was totally bugging out over that bug 😂😂😂
    I'm dead 💀💀💀💀

  10. trxie looks so stunning here

  11. Pretty sure JPM gave a vague explanation of potsticker man in an earlier episode when threatening Sally that it's some kind of demonic creature that was summoned to haunt the hotel due to all the depravity and addiction that plagued the Cortez.

  12. THIS DRESS THIS DRESS THIS DRESS. goddamn tracy. Honey… oh HONEY…

  13. Her name is Alanna Ubach, and she is fabulous!

  14. I love that this is a horror show that they're reviewing, yet a BUG is the scariest thing to Trixie. XD

  15. I love American horror story but here's the problem: THEY ALWAYS LEAVE SO MANY LOSE ENDS! Like I devoted my time watching this show and shit the least you can do is giving me closer😐 and also we never get much of a background story about the characters as well. I love the show it just really irritates me

  16. The name of the actress is Alanna Ubach.

  17. 6:29 American horror story: Basement

  18. I wanna breed Petey

  19. Trixies American horror story: a bug

  20. You know Billie Dean was in Murder House! And you guys were in Roanoke! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. roanoke

  22. That Trixie eye roll at "beautiful vivrant things," though….

  23. That producer dude killing that bug, though….

  24. Both of you appear in the final of American Horror Story Roanoke

  25. "pot sticker man" brilliant and hilarious. Lol! Great review of the show. 😄

  26. why arent we getting this for the new season? you should get katya to do it with trixie.

  27. American Horror Story: Corporation. American Horror Story Swap Meet

  28. Do they not know that billie dean isn't new to the 5th season?

  29. Billie dean howard was sarah's character in murder house

  30. Why haven't there been #AfterShows for the current season yet? 🙁

  31. Are they gonna do this with season 7?

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