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[Travel] 3 Nights in Nha Trang ep.4

Summer Vacation! Week 4
This one took a while b/c of travel time back to the states and jet lag and errands and all of the above. I was busy.
I think it was worth the time though because this vid turned out pretty good…right?

Nha Trang is my mom’s home city. A bustling city with gorgeous beaches and beautiful weather…except that it rained when we were there lol.

This is one of the last major trips of this vacation and 3 days go by way too fast. Hope yall are enjoying this series and thank you for staying tuned. It’s not over yet. Not quite yet!


Be Free With Me (Chez Remix) – Siine
Mindme feat. Mia Pfirrman – If I change
Velveteen – Part of the Game

Orca Vibes – Gypsy

Avicii – The Nights



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  1. I hope yall r watching in 1080 cuz anything else looks disgusting lol

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