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TRAIN DRIVER'S VIEW: From the Depot in Oslo to Ål in 4K UltraHD

Spring time! Early April and I’m in Oslo to ready Train 601 bound for Bergen. This installment starts in the hotel, the walk to Lodalen, picking up the loco, coupling, drive down to Oslo S from the depot and then heading off to Ål. All of this in 4K UltraHD, of course!


🚄Bergen Line information:
🚞Flam Line information:
🚦Signaling information:
🚆Line information and speed:

Train Stops at:
Oslo S
Flå (on request)

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  1. Another really lovely video thank you 🙂 especially loved the start, what a long way to walk to get to the train.. 🙂

  2. I love your videos. Do you ever see any moose when you are driving train??

  3. The trains moving !

  4. Dumb question. Do your engines carry and use traction sand?

  5. Taking a short cut through the skate park. Now we know! Lol!

  6. Wow how big of a memory card do you need to record that in 4K?

  7. I like the city

  8. the graphics are spot on, when the game will came out ?

  9. Very well done, love those trains

  10. Looks Like they were hiding the loco from you

  11. What are those flashing yellow light in tunnel? Some sort of guidance or safety system?

  12. Here the 4 eastbound trains to meet on single track (beginning @ Gulskogen): 53:23 freight (timber) El14 @ Mjøndalen; 1:29:28 Express with El18 @ Tyristrand; 2:10:30 freight with El16 @ Trolldalen; 2:29:25 freight with traxx3 187 401 – 5 @ Bergheim.

    Intersting trip. Liked the early dry spring with sun.

  13. What camera do you use?

  14. Just love your vids watching them again and again. That was quite a walk you had to do.

  15. Which camera do you use for unstoppable recording?

  16. très belle video. Merci de nous faire visiter votre pays et merci pour letravail. merci de france.

  17. This vid deserves more views, very beautiful to watch!

  18. LIKE 900

  19. What do you work with?

  20. You have the best job in the world in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I'm incredibly envious. Thank you for your hard work and please continue!

  21. прикольно в начале снято

  22. Felt tired just watching the start of the video.

  23. Thank you for showing the ride from the very beginning when you pick up the engine,,
    You're the only one that does it thank you

  24. A magnificent ride, 'HinduCowGirl!
    I'm followed it from te start, you're long walk (haha)
    Still tw3enty min's to the end and stil not bored, thank you for this beautifull stream.
    J.C. Moes. Lelystad the Netherlands.

  25. 👍👍👍👍👍🚆🚆

  26. My wife and I put these on quite often and love them. I especially love the extra footage of walking around the train and switch yard. The information on the tunnels was great too. I wish we had trains as nice as these here where I live.

    We spent our Friday night watching this trip. I only wish there was a way to link a google map to this video so I could watch it on the map too. As it was, I had my iPad Pro out and open to Google maps, but I Iost it a couple of times.

    I really appreciate the wonderful scenery! I live in MInnesota, USA and much of the surroundings are very similar.

    Keep up the great work and keep the videos coming.

  27. Morsomme begynnelsen av videoen. Folk er så opptatt med telefonene sine, de trenger ikke engang se på sine føtter… 🙂 Takk for video!

  28. turn off the original sound and run Giorgio Moroder 1977 (From Here To Eternity)! let's go!

  29. That just doesn't look right… the guy standing centre when you are baking the Loco up Hitch-up… Obviously i have no idea how those trains hitch up, but traditionally, the hitch is centre… and the guy standing centre is like… Yikes, get out of there man…!

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