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Tour of my house in Connecticut – Update

Updated 2020 version of this house tour video here

I have been in my house now about 8 months and keep getting asked for an update video so here it is. Not as exciting as M4 drag races sorry.

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  1. A middle class house in Srilanka would be of the same size but with very bad interior decorating and all sorts of trash and rubbish stashed in every nook and corner. We hate to throw anything away. Other than that it's not much different. And oh sans all that attached bathrooms as well!

  2. Beautiful ☺️

  3. هلو اني من العراق طبعا اني عربية وانتة تحجي انكلش اني انعجبت في بيتك و بيوت امريكا سلامي من العراق

  4. Let's party there 😁

  5. Nice house

  6. Sweets to get kids to come in?

  7. لا يقسمو هههههه👼

  8. One thing is missing… Swimming pool?

  9. your house is very beautiful ,I never live in this type of house because i am very poor . it happens only dreams .not in real life.

  10. So beautiful home waaoo

  11. "A bowl of sweets for luring children in" 😂😂😂😂

  12. Can you make a vlog of ur neighborhood houses …roads…and views💖

  13. Beautiful home but I'm quite curious to know why the binocular near the window 😉

  14. only a immigrant would move to ct. every American knows ct is a shithole.

  15. Sweets for luring children in 🍬🍭

  16. Beautiful home 👌💐💐💐

  17. Beautiful house let's party today

  18. Total land required for this house plz explore…

  19. Wow, what else you need man, don't have words to describe my feelings. I dream of one such house surrounded by woods with font lawn and backyard in a residential area. My wishes with you.

  20. The most adorable thing that I liked were those huge glass windows , through which the nature was pouring in.

  21. Beautiful home.its my dream to own a such home one day.

  22. so beautiful ..

  23. Cool nice house

  24. Ur so lucky 🍀

  25. Beautiful house…

  26. I think the chairs should stay the dark teal. It brings in the couch from the living room.

  27. Your wooden loors are beautiful. do you know the color and who they're made by?

  28. Awesome

  29. ♥️😙

  30. Super awsome


  32. New England is the best place to live in the US if you ask me 🙂

  33. What a lovely place

  34. What a freakin arrogant show-off ugly person this is! Too acculterated to the USA… nice man with blessed skills for success in this life, spends all his time showing-off his house and toys. Deplorable waste of manhood and lack of virtue.

  35. .."i have a ball of sweets for luring children in"
    New youtube child protection rules: ok sir im guna have to call the FBI

  36. America my favorite country,america is the best country .America 1 place will put from the best countries

  37. You have the bes house

  38. Your house is good

  39. how much acres that took to build this house

  40. Who is this person?

  41. How many erea for this house

  42. Your home is my dream house!

  43. Is it safe to have such huge trees near house?

  44. How bout a another joke, murray

  45. beautiful house, love that back yard

  46. you can play fotball in that basment

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