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Top 10 American Horror Story Moments

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American Horror Story has had some terrifying and shocking moments, including when Tate kills students, when Cordelia rips her eyes, when Sister Judge sings the Name Game song, and Violet’s death. Murder House, Asylum, Freak Show, Coven, Hotel, Roanoke- what’s your favorite season of American Horror Story? Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 American Horror Story moments.

00:33 #10. Devil’s Night Dinner
01:21 #9. Elsa’s Snuff Film
02:19 #8. Rubber Man
03:15 #7. Dr. Thredson Is Bloody Face
04:10 #6. Cordelia Stabs Her Eyes
05:07 #5. Lana Escapes Briarcliff
06:04 #4. School Shooting
06:59 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Season 2 is my favorite one reason is because I have a lot of questions about Briarcliff

  2. For years I would sing "the name game" song to my little cousins, nieces, and nephews using thier names. One of my nieces saw this episode of AHS and freaked out! She didn't know it was a real song 😂

  3. Pfft. The idea of not only not flooding this list with Laveau, but not even including her revenge against LaLaurie – just insanity

  4. why am i watching this before watching ahs
    i have spoiled everything for myself

  5. Every single actor/actress deserves an award! American Horror Story was and always will be the best show ever created!

  6. To me Elsa's snuff film is the most disturbing

  7. Damn Vivian was really enjoying it too.

  8. “I’m so dumb, I can’t even kill myself.”
    -Twist the Clown, 2000 something

  9. that school shooting twist…god it’s so gut wrenching u can tell there’s rly something fucked up about tate

  10. Am I the only one who hates Sarah Paulson's characters and doesn't quite know why?

  11. This list was horrible

  12. Violet's death always hit me so hard. Even when I first watched the show and didn't like her all that much, it was still so depressing. It was so much worse the second time I watched the season when I really liked Violet.

  13. I love the character of Twisty!

  14. tate no

  15. I might be crazy but the apocalypse was so satisfactory

  16. Twisty nooooooo this story broke my heart 💔💔💔💔💔💔


  18. Twisty’s backstory was so heart breaking 🙁

  19. Dandy killing the freak show crew should be in here

  20. Sara Paulson MAKES this show.

  21. When the name game scene came on I was like "wtf is going on"

  22. Pepper’s story is the saddest.

  23. For me, pepper's back story is one of my favourites. I cried to hard during her episode.

  24. Misty Day and Stevie Nicks isn't in this list? I'll go ahead and immediately discredit this entire thing then.

  25. violets death hit me hard………

  26. Hi spook calling YouTube spooky nasty Tate welcome back at you piano my name is Erica and I'm here with my piano brother trance with them this is our first video a poop a poop on my head Ava poopy head Tate cheerleading tip Tate is a cheerleader

  27. Isn't the Zodiac Killer and Richard Ramirez the same person or did I miss something?

  28. I fucking loved Season 2

  29. Wait. If Tate's dead, how could he have gotten her pregnant? I haven't watched in over a year, so I don't remember. It doesn't make sense though.

  30. Hotel was weird cause of the drill type dude in the all plastic crap. So we gonna skip over hotel and that disturbing rape scene

  31. Lady Caca 💩 the clown 🤡 ruined Hotel

  32. I Adore It

  33. When I first saw the scene where violets body is revealed, I realized this show was far different from any other tv show

  34. My dad figured it was fine to watch ahs with me, cuz my aunt told hom it was like goosebumps but much worse. In s1 when the dad is jerking off to the maid my dad told me he was cutting himself like his daughter. Years later when I saw the scene again I was like "hold up". I asked my why tf he thought the dude cutting his dick would seem more appropriate. I honestly don't get my dad's logic

  35. dorei

  36. Gabriel’s death was brutal…..

  37. I started watching this show because of twisty the clown. I love clowns. I just finished season two and holy shit it was wild! The therapist being bloody face really threw me off. He helped Lana escape. I was so happy until I found out she was in the hands of a murderer and her life was in danger. She escaped his house but was put back in the mental institution. That's when I started assuming this show has no happy endings.

  38. No Age-restricted

  39. yeah no, Twisty didn't set anything about creepy clowns, IT did it waaaaay before him

  40. Omg i love evan peters 😍❤

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