Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson infected with coronavirus in Australia l GMA

The actor announced that he and his wife both had cold-like symptoms and got tested for the novel coronavirus. Both are now in isolation in Australia.


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  1. Nice try GMA we know he is a kiddy diddling Baal worshipper . Just like many of you at GMA. You are going down.

  2. Dear no more pedos thank you for no more pedos

  3. Next vip !? On list.

  4. Shore…..absolutley…

  5. It's a lie. They're liers.

  6. Bullshit Hanks is infected! Where’s the evidence?? It’s a scam to manipulate the people! Don’t be fooled.

  7. Get well soon my all time hero

  8. Is not true they don't have the virus


  9. Shut the fuck up I live in Seattle and no one is dying from this fake ass shit

  10. pedophile

  11. Sorry tom but hell maybe Hollywood can find another person to act in a movie

  12. I hope they die with the virus wicked pedophile!

  13. It was a stupid fake, an ordinary PR move (people all over the world worry about the most beloved AMERICAN actor at a old age). …. And in the end he survives, everyone rejoices and the panic subsides … like a virus is not very dangerous for the elderly. Fake that you all picked up … poor people, you yourself are victims of American propaganda, no believe everything !!

  14. if tom hanks died today it will be good for the environment

  15. I hear it's a cover up from his arrests for child trafficking stuff…

  16. Very smart way to escape the USA. And believe me I adored him as an actor. Don't believe anything the are telling you in the news the are taking instructions by the government globally.

  17. Zero f&$@s given

  18. Bullshit he was arrested!!! More to come

  19. I hear they have been arrested. Pedophilia. Watch all those in high places who claim they have it and most of us don't know anyone who really has it. Deep state players are going down. Don't the Pope have it ? Haha

  20. Actors.. part of the plan..🛑

  21. I'm begining to believe that the claim that Tom Hanks and his wife actually have the corona virus is bullshit. Unless there is a video out there where Tom Hanks himself says he has the virus, it's all just fake propaganda so that journalists can profit with false information. 🤨

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