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These People Have Never Seen 'American Horror Story: Coven' | NowThis

Surprise, b*tch! We made these people watch ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ for the first time.
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FX’s American Horror Story franchise is one of Ryan Murphy’s masterpieces. AHS, especially American Horror Story: Coven starring Emma Roberts and Taissa Farmiga, instantly gained a cult following among horror and gore fans, and anyone who isn’t scared to watch horror shows. AHS: Coven stars Emma Roberts as a witch alongside other witches Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Angela Bassett. American Horror Story: Coven is set in New Orleans at a coven house filled with witches and witchcraft, and the AHS season takes place centuries after Kathy Bates’ characters did some seriously messed up stuff (Kathy Bates’ character and her reincarnation make appearances on American Horror Story: Coven). Kathy Bates’ AHS character in Coven also has a dark past involving Angela Bassett’s character, a witch who does voodoo in New Orleans.

AHS: Coven has all the best aspects of Ryan Murphy’s other seasons of American Horror Story. Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga are in it, just like they appeared in Murder House. AHS Murder House was the first season starring Connie Britton and Jessica Lange that catapulted FX’s AHS to mainstream success. Evans Peters is a recurring actor in the American Horror Story series, and he’s appeared in AHS Apocalypse (the most recent AHS season), American Horror Story: Murder House, and even AHS Hotel starring Lady Gaga. Sarah Paulson is also a recurring actor in the American Horror Story franchise, always playing a different but equally unsettling AHS character.

Watch along as these people experience Ryan Murphy’s genius of American Horror Story Coven for the first time. And if you haven’t seen AHS Coven yourself, you’re in for a scare.

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  1. ahs out of context

  2. Balenciaga!

  3. I want to slap everyone in this video!

  4. Song? 2:00

  5. The intensity of the emotion that comes with young love? Sis…what kind of relationships have you been in?

  6. You guys should have done each season my favorite seasons were coven,freak show,hotel and asylum

  7. Buzzfeed budget version

  8. I’m not hating on anyone because I’m not one of those “I’m a edgy cynic and I think I know the internet” person but as a horror fan it’s a little annoying that everyone says this is the best season because I feel like they can only watch this season because it’s not as scary as other seasons. My favorite season is Roanoke because it’s the season that was actually scary to me. Most other AHS seasons are more on the “Disturbing” side of horror rather than the actually “scary”

  9. This series are disgusting, all about disgusting graphical deaths randomly, and many other disgusting things, i would never watch this disgusting stupid series, i dont get why u guys like this, this is soo awful

  10. I love this i need more from American Horror Story please

  11. Myrtle Snow is the ULTIMATE HYPEBEAST

  12. YES

  13. Ok I do not know how I got here I was just watching the trailer of AHS 1984 but they should put "Hotel"😅

  14. Amazing swason, weak clips to show them tho lol I get that is macabre but they should be able to handle it. Maybe a part 2 or follow up video before 1984 comes out?? :O

  15. I’m getting so triggered by these people not knowing about the season making conclusions that are TOTALLY off!!!!

  16. one word, just one

    BALENCIAGA!!! 2:19

  17. This is kinda dumb to just show them random scenes from throughout the season without context, should show them an entire episode or sometjinf

  18. Where can I watch ahs?

  19. Whats that Jacob dudes Instagram?

  20. Why would they give them such trashy hats

  21. Ah, the season that ruined AHS… The absolute worst, and what's worse, it keeps on inflicting damage to the series (like the way Apocalypse became Coven 2 and ended up having a message of 'Yay sexism!')

  22. They’re going to have no idea what’s going on if they don’t watch the whole episodes. This is stupid

  23. They should've watched a full episode of one of the seasons like the first ep of Asylum or something oof

  24. This is how every local thats never seen coven before acts like

  25. Wait we need them to watch the full ep


  27. Best season EVER

  28. I request I Have Never Seen SUSPIRIA

  29. So by the way they are talking….there aren't actually watching the whole season 3, they're watching clips

  30. any other season would have been better

  31. looks like they've never seen any of the other seasons, and it also looks like they showed out of context scenes. Way to go, NowThis.

    FML for watching this cringey video

  32. And please react to American horror story:Hotel

  33. i actually love this season of ahs. it’s my favorite season actually haha

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