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The Untold Truth Of Thor's New Hammer

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The Mighty Thor is virtually synonymous with his thundering warhammer, but unfortunately for him, Mjolnir didn’t make it through Thor: Ragnarok intact. The good news? In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor gets his godly hands on an even more powerful weapon: Stormbreaker. If you’re curious about its mythological roots and its cosmic comic book origins, here’s the truth behind Thor’s new hammer…

The Norse arsenal | 0:25
Beta Ray Bill | 1:26
The Mace, the Storm, and the Frogly | 2:50
Jarnbjorn, the Iron Bear | 4:09
Ultimate Mjolnir | 4:43
The cinematic Stormbreaker | 5:43

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  1. The Mandarin's Rings? Gungnir? The Eye of Agamotto? What other mythical items should we feature next?

  2. Stormbreaker is not a hammer It's an axe

  3. 0:25 looks to me a lot like the Scythe from the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only less fancy.

  4. Some of that don't feel like b** slap him with a hammer

  5. Uhhh it’s a axe. Not a hammer

  6. Groot is storm breaker

  7. Who else what's to see Frog Thor on the big screen? That sounds hilarious.

  8. Jarnbjorn is both Swedish and Norwegian, (Norse), and would be Jernbjørn/Järnbjörn in those specific languages of the same word. Sometimes I wonder if people really believes Norse mythology is Norwegian mythology and not Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as it sits truly.

  9. Why I FEEL LIKE EVERYBODY COMING PICKING UP MJIONEER . THOR MIGHT BE FEELING LIKE — 'ahh , 'Then what for. 'WORTHY' I am even a 🐸 can lift it'😆

  10. thats billa ray bills hammer fam fuxk yall talkin ?

  11. Thor end game

  12. Yo,stormbreaker is not a hammer

  13. ever seen endgame?

  14. Did Marvel change Volstag’s descriptive name to voluminous ? If so , when ? When I was a kid , I had a Thor comic in which he was called Valiant Volstag .

  15. Grow up

  16. The untold truth is that the Stormbreaker is a very very weak weapon compared to the Sandal, the Hanger and the Belt😎

  17. Thor doesn't look like Thor anymore and that hammer doesn't help.

  18. it’s an axe

  19. "You have to be worthy to hold the Mjolner and the Stormbreaker", Thor said, grinning 😏

    Thanos managed to hold it.
    It became usable after Groot nearly sacrificed his arm


  20. After sacrificing an eye , finally I have know the TRUTH about Stormbreaker.

    'Tis actually an axe in practice

  21. Captain America welded Thor's Hammer as well.

  22. Long story short, the marvel universe norse mythology is a disgrace and shits on norrøna gudalæru.

  23. Jårnbjörn is the true axe of Scandinavian weapons, I don't know about Mjålnir

  24. ‘Thor’s new hammer’


  25. Actually in mythology thors two sons and daughter(magni, modi, thrud) are stronger them him and could lift the heavy ass hammer with out meginjord or Jarngrieper

  26. "Built to stand against the Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Mad Titan, Eitri enchanted it with several properties, that allowed it to take advantage of the weaknesses Eitri had installed into the Gauntlet in order to overpower it, quickly slicing through the beam unleashed by Thanos, although that time Thanos was caught off-guard and could have repelled the attack by other ways."

  27. Jarnborn was originally a staff not an axe in the oldest norse myths

  28. Thor

  29. as usual hollywood and comics f….the mythologies of nations only thor can hold the miolnir period……

  30. Stormbreaker doesn't really requires the worthiness of the user like mjolnir(thy shall not lift) , Thanos was able to lift it in endgame … Huhhhh… Useless magic..


  32. New hammer? I thought it's an axe

  33. 0:45 “whoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall posses the power of Thor” what does it mean when it said “posses the power of tho” can y’all help me

  34. In case anyone is wondering Throg is the frog Thor, the former human Simon Walterson (doesn't take much guessing who they named him after). Even the tiny sliver of Mjolnir that Throg carries contains all the same enchantments of the full version. Gladiator of the Shi'Ar imperial guard was unable to lift the tiny hammer of Throg.

  35. how can she be a female Thor…. his name is Thor… it's not an identity… literally just his name. she can be female thunder God, but not Thor. unless Thor has a sex change and keeps the name.

  36. It is not a Hammer it is a AXE! Ugh!

  37. It's a fucking axe

  38. It’s an axe called storm breaker

  39. Title thors new hammer

    Me:its an axe omg cxhehejsgsgjshg. Just kidsing great video

  40. Check out Brightburn The Movie..

  41. The marvel Universe is WAYYY diffrent than the comic.

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