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The Season That Killed American Horror Story


  1. Lots of valid points on why this season was a pile of dog shit but I think some of your points on why it was bad are just how AHS is, weird and unexplainable.. but the problem is that they tried to explain the season.. too much

  2. not watching a 30 min video about this. season 4 was the beginning of the downfall. coven was the last good season before things went to shit

  3. Coven and apocalypse were my favourite but I just love everything Magic🙌🏻

  4. My favorite season is asylum and 1984 the seasons I think are boring murder house and reanoke

  5. Elvis, you're hot!

  6. 19:27 this is a raptor

  7. This guy is sexy

  8. why do people hate cult 🙁 its one of my favorites

  9. i liked the concept of the season but there were too many loose ends. like the fact that they had certain color classes for people would make it seem like there’s a big group of people and they had their own society, but they literally had like 20 people in the building max. also, they tried so hard to make it seem like there’s a strict routine and set of rules but they literally just sit in a room and eat every once in a while. and like he talked about in the video, what was the point of the “perfect genetics” thing? from what i remember, those two characters don’t even have relevance to the rest of the season minus the new spawn of satan. it was just so weird

  10. Winnameena menamaw

  11. what annoyed me the most is that they spend an entire episode on murder house giving a beautiful ending to moira and ofcourse bringing tate and violet back only to not have it happened because of the new reality??? or that Madison had such a good growth as a person only to have that wiped entirely and let her be in hell, but they do bring back Misty out of nowhere?? ( i love misty and i love that she's not chopping up frogs anymore but it's just so frustrating because they should have brought Madison back)

  12. I stopped watching AHS when Roanoke was finished. I liked Murder House (though the couple was so annoying), Asylum gave me nightmares, Coven was flowed but still entertaining, Freak Show broke my heart because I liked the characters and Hotel had at least a few good moments… I liked Liz a lot and enjoyed the dynamic between her and Iris.

  13. cult and the first half of apocalypse sucked, i had to force myself to finish asylum and the end of freak show, i loved Coven and hotel, roanoke was ok, and 1984 is great and underrated

  14. They kept THE HORSES IN THE BACK

  15. i agree all season are great in their own way but apocalypse is not that great people wanted the coven witches to come back and have some old characters to return but i think it ruined the whole show because i liked how every season was different but they had to make a continuous season which ruined it-

  16. AHS apocalypse is a fucking masterpiece and it is a beautiful crossover of seasons 1,3and 5

  17. Soooooo…. They just ripped off Avengers Endgame??? Bad guy mass kills life, team of super powered heroes goes back in time to undo everything.

  18. The word "douche-nozzle" sounds like a Sandra Bernhard adlib. I bet she made this up🤣

  19. Okay but apocalypse was better then Roanoke

  20. Apocalypse was one of the better seasons. So I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  21. Did anyone think that apocalypse was a really good season?

  22. didnt really like asylum so i just stopped watching half way thru :/

  23. So AHS has turned into Kingdom Hearts.

  24. Man I am so happy that I've found this video because I remember watching this season with my girlfriend and just losing our fucking minds because of it. Almost every choice made in this season was buffoonish at best and utterly inane at worst. The major problem is that the writers wanted to do what should amount to two full seasons in one season in just ten fucking episodes. They wanted to tell the story of the strange and eccentric survivors of the apocalypse due to their wealth and status; With the Devilish truth and mystery of Armageddon being revealed through discovery made in the wasteland and oasis created in the aftermath. The other tale the writers wished to spin was of warlocks vs witches and boys vs girls. Now with proper set up I think both of these ides could have worked well; especially considering the skill of the actors and production team when given the right direction. However what We were given was instead a mish mosh of hog wash baloney with a side of lazy references and god fucking awful politics forcibly slammed right down your throat. We Have only a single (possibly two) scene of the apocalypse out side of the direct vicinity of the outpost. For a show literally titled apocalypse the viewer sees only a slight glimpse into the great wasteland beyond caused by the very real threat of a nuclear holocaust which has been looming for seventy five years. But instead We are presented with a dispassionate melodrama for three episodes before leading straight into the shit creek followed by a sharp left on fuck you lane. Seven of ten episodes are devoted to an uneducated and distasteful Satan vs warlock vs witches fight with more inconsistencies and grade A bullshit as a trump speech. During this time Cody fern plays a metaphorically bipolar Devil spawn that was at first scared of his tendency to violently murder people who then acts like He enjoys the murder so much that he literally chopped up and arranged the mutilated bodies into a big cheesy pentagram. And this dichotomy culminates with Cody fern getting fucking run over by Mallory "I couldn't save Anastasia the Witch" grey; (I don't think she has a last name but that was her rank so ehhhh… why not?). Oh did I forget to mention goth boi cody fern also had the full power of Satan and warlock craft but also a fucking weak ass pussy at the time? Take for example the weird warlock test scene; Cody "should I run for president" fern demonstrates that he move faster than a speeding throwing knife, move and bend reality to shop for books, do some other test that I don't facking remember and then manipulate the water participles and the air temperature so that there would be a condensed snow storm in the room and continuously drop the temperature. Then there were some scenes of just mercing folks with his mind and some other crazy bullshit. He also has a satanic midlife crisis or some shit that lead him to the real in the flesh all powerful Illuminati that was basically run by two cock addict sex robot designers with that classic 14th century Christian monk bowl cut. Speaking of the satanic element of this section of the season, I'm legitimately ashamed and appalled at the sheer lack of care that went into the research for this season. if they had clicked a couple of times through Wikipedia pages they could have found multiple articles and references that Anton LaVey was respected character of his time who used the satanic imagery and symbolism and metaphors of the satanic mythos to create a philosophy based around A conscious, self disciplined, peaceful and strong willed person who's goal is to find their true joy in life regardless of what others, society, and the world see you and what they try to make you. Pleasure in the colorful aspects of life out side the monotonous grays of society and the belief in helping others find their favorite colors while standing vigilant and defensive against those who wish to paint your world black.

    Theres so much more like Myrtle vaping for a single episode, to inconsistent burning and Resurrection stuff, "warlocks are weaker because of testosterone" the fact that some of the witch's just slept in the dirt for the apocalypse negating the entire '"got to hide those two dumb witch's and Mallory "A real god just fucking runs you over" grey"'. Oh and there's shitty time travel elements and a completely broken magic system that's only real spell is that a charters magic ability is established by the writers own personal RNGesus. Theres a bunch of dumb "girls Rule Boys drool" politics that could have been fixed if they based the differences and history of warlocks and witch's on anything other than just ones magic mikes and the other is wizardly Wendy's. The ending was what I joked as the worst ending possible. Nothing in this season works besides Cody ferns Hellish lettuce farmer performance in at least a majority of the show.

    Any ways thanks coming to my ned talk
    its uuuhhhh… -666/10 because it made the Real Satan sad

  25. I loved this season, but the way you broke it down was hilarious 😂

  26. It was ruined by the "charmed" season. Pulled it back a bit on the carnival one then went straight down the toilet.

  27. Some fucking loser named Elvis thinks his opinion matters….ok internet 🙄😒

  28. Bruh apocalpyse was good!

  29. I think all the butt fucking ruined everything.

  30. Asylum was great it was my favorite

  31. I missed the comedy of 1-5. I did like rewatching Coven in 8 tho, coven was one of my favorite and threw back some nice memories.

  32. It was terrible from season 1

  33. I stopped watching after Roanoke didn’t really like it but was watchable once haven’t wanted to see any of the newer one

  34. banger

  35. 2k dislike are from fanboys

  36. Murder house was good, asylum was good, freak show was good, I loved hotel, Roanoke was fun, cult was okay, apocalypse was fine just a little hard to follow and 1984 was soooo good

  37. am I the only one that absolutely loved Cult? Evan's interpretation of the cult leaders was perfection

  38. Queenie and misty came back. Don’t care if the season was bad. Was so happy

  39. Anything past season 2 sucked

  40. I kinda agree, it grew on me but it took too long to get into. I had to come back to apocalypse several times before I could watch it all properly. I thought it got better when the witches came in but other than that it wasn’t brilliant. I wasn’t a fan of freak show but the others were pretty good. I haven’t seen 1984 yet either, waiting for it to come on Netflix bc I’m in England and I don’t get the channel unless I pay for it 😂

  41. :the angry people in this comment section.

  42. What a lame-ass apocalypse, don't even get to see the apocalypse part

  43. Satanists?! For real?! I take satanists as seriously as I take christians.

  44. As much as I love vampires and Lady GaGa HOTEL was the Weakest Season for me🤷🏾‍♀️…Roanoke was just weird but it was good….Cult caused my Anxiety to go into overdrive…Apocalypse was pretty good because it bought back the witches.. 1984 was slow to start and got good by the 4 episode to the end.

  45. The only good season were the first four (House, Briarcliff, Freakshow, Coven) and everything after that is contrived, boring, confusing and while I watched all of every other season I legit could not finish Apocalypse. As soon as the Coven came back I instantly stopped watching, dead ass. I have not seen the new season but with how everything else was I don't know if I will, the writing has become so poor…

  46. I don't know what it was but I literally hated Freak Show. I thought I would love it since it's like, deformed circus creatures… but it was so so so boring to me and there was not one character that was lovable. Also, with Apocalypse, some of the things included felt like covering for plot holes… which created more plot holes somehow

  47. Apocalypse has the worst ending and the ending ruined that season for me. I love coven soo much though that it kind of cancels out. 😂

  48. I personalty liked season 8. I loved season 1 so it helped finish the story

  49. Bruh I loved apocalypse…

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