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The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

Automation in the Information Age is different.

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The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different This time


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  1. There's brand new stuff in the Kurzgesagt Merch Shop. Check it out here:

  2. 7:30 The unskilled worker flipping burgers.. ouch :/

  3. i think the last thing humans can really do that robots cannot is in creative arts

  4. Automation is something I've always found interesting. I work as a software engineer, so my job has been surrounding automating tasks and writing code that analyzes data. I'm not sure what the future will hold for automation, and I think it's good to think about the possibilities out there with what kind of jobs are created vs taken over by machines. One consideration that was not mentioned here is that software gets cheaper as time goes on, so while it's not necessarily the solution to the issues brought up here, I believe it's worth considering. To make money in a world that becomes more increasingly automated can purchase software to automate some of the work they can do for some amount of money. More people will need to become entrepreneurs, and use the software that is available to produce what they're selling. As machines are built to do more simple tasks, it will potential create demand for new kinds of products — both for just general consumers and for other businesses using machines to build their products. (I already see this happening all over in the software world. There are a lot of products that are made out there that make our work easier, and in turn, we generate a lot of software that other businesses consume to make their jobs easier). This is very similar to our move from agriculture. Again, I'm not saying that this scenario is the answer or the inevitable outcome, but I am saying that as automation becomes more widespread, our traditional view of work and making money will need to change (much like it did as more people moved out of agriculture and into industrialization).

  5. Has anyone seen Sarah Conner?

  6. 5:13 "I see you just bought a washing machine. Might I suggest another washing machine?"
    10:22 Ya think?! Since I don't know any better, I would think you're being payed by some non-environment friendly businesses to scare people form automation and embrace the crap that is "work". Or rather "labor".

  7. Skynet has entered the chat

  8. i mean this all is fine but… countries cant handle the unemployment so they will either A)tax the hell out of robots and produce more jobs B) BAN ROBOTS C) leave it be WHICH can result in a) uprisings or b) nothing at all because breakthroughs in research of all kinds

  9. over 9000

  10. There is ONE solution

    be a youtuber

  11. Oh yeah.. famous Universal income again.. Welcome to Venezuela! Leftist-Totalist Scumbags!


  13. And this is why UBI is going to be a NECESSITY in the future. Otherwise you'll end with 30-40% of people below the line of poverty in the world.

  14. Solution: Don't maker super AI

  15. wait… so your saying that AI bots will do your WORK???

  16. So many problems will be solved if people's population will be cutted.

  17. oh no oh god oh no, no jobs? no work? how will humanity survive without working most of the day every day? how will i survive outside the factory, my natural habitat?

    we live in a day and age where all our hard labour and survival needs are being taken care of by machines and that's somehow a bad thing, the fuck is wrong with people?

  18. but with innovation the cost of the life is going down

  19. The machines are not coming… THEY ARE ALREADY HERE!!!!

  20. Lets automate politicians jobs they either get off their asses and solve this problem or be replaced by a super efficient unbiased machine that could calculate and predict economy flow in seconds

  21. There's one type of job that a robot won't replace anytime soon, a creative type of job where creativity is required to do the job. You see, a robot can only follow patterns or code, while we're the ones creating that code and we're the ones making new ideas, not only that, but we are going to need humans to be scientist and researchers because between us and a robot, we have free will and the ability to figure out while a robot only follows instructions.

  22. When I was little, I was immersed in the futurism of the 1950's. Everything appeared that we'd eventually work very little, and receive what would now be called a "universal basic income." Nope. We're just regressing to a stratified system. The top few are the masters, and wealthy. The rest of us are slaves.

  23. It would reduce poverty because, in essence, poverty is a standard of living lower than the average person. This is mainly because of many different jobs of different quality. Less jobs means less job diversity and less jobs can be worse than the average.

  24. 😀 "the innovation in the u.s. did start to shrink" ?….the u.s. never invented anything – they just stole or used foreign scientists

  25. Well I've had my computer for over a year and it still seems to think I like having my emails deleted automatically…yay

  26. I dont know how to make CEOs and shit understand that people need to make money to buy your their and if everyone is firing thousands to "save costs" youre not gonna have any more customers

  27. pathetic video i must say

  28. I am totally fine with sw replaces middle management 🙂 they are in 95 % cases useless

    – sw engineer

  29. At least Internet memes exist and make me happy noise

  30. 6:21 nice shouting 😶

  31. Karl Marx predicted all this. And then he has concluded that this industrial revolution will Not happen because if your economics are based on consumption the reduced number of employees could cause the reduction of sales which makes such innovations not as desirable as investments in Chinese workers

  32. The ripoff of the future: Stocktrader, make machines trade/gamble for you.

  33. If we reach a point where robots will be doing 100% of all the jobs we won't need any money. Since the money system came from this human concept of "I'll give you my product in return you give me yours", for example in early days someone who made rice would give a bag of rice in exchange for clothes, this eventually became a little inefficient and hence a universal transaction was introduced known as currency or money. Robots will not have these needs therefore no need for any money or currency so humans can basically buy whatever, eat wherever and do whatever they like (by "whatever" I don't mean unethical things like killing and other things). So no need for universal basic income as robots will be producing stuff for humans, humans will not have to get other things from other humans in exchange for something else (something else being money).

  34. no work, being a total slave to a technocratic government that gives you free everything and your life is reduced to an endless pursuit of pleasure, sounds so great and dignified , can’t wait to be a mindless jellyfish. Automation is about making life efficient, we continue to automate life in pursuit of efficiency, at some point there has to be a point of maximum efficiency to the point where simply being alive in itself is a task, and that will be automated. Life will become so efficient that we’ll just kill ourselves because living is a task that can be automated. At that point satan has tricked us into shedding our human bodies, and then god will destroy the universe. The end.

  35. Most us jobs went to china in the last 20 years, just saying…

  36. the only job that is 100% safe from automation :youtube

  37. Again, overpopulation seems to be the key problem to humankind.

  38. That's why I am specialising to make machines

  39. 6:20 umbrella corporation

  40. Hunger Games is not too far away.
    The concept makes more sense each minute you watch.

  41. as soon as we can have nuclear fuson. most of these problems will be rrelevant i guess

  42. All in all if u dont push urself out of comfort zone and self defending arguments like i m poor or i m illiterate or i m too busy!. You will be thrown out of comfort zone by machine better to start doing now when theres lot of junk throwned out in 2030 and beyond!

  43. Obvisously u worked 900 hours for this one video but it impacted total watch hour of 1,541,866.8611111 /900 =1713x return on invested time. Great ROI.

  44. I feel like it would be good to keep service, We are social creatures after all. And then at some point, it's time to rework the economy. How we would go about doing that is a mystery though.

  45. 5:07 – Big think

  46. Why is it bad that jobs will be destroyed? Isn't it like saying "it sucks that my bucket I've placed under the hole in my roof is filled"? Isn't it better to just fix the roof by limiting population? Seriously, videos like this could scare the watching humans away from innovation and progress. Why you do this kurzgesagt 🙁

  47. if machines doesn’t exist, it maybe solve the poor people to get work…. it’s just my though..

  48. Believe me , this will bring a recession , as people earn less they would spend less , and so companies will lose money and this will bring down the very machines and AI that created it.

  49. Lo unico que provocara esto es una crisis economica porque si le quitas trabajo al que compra productos quien los comprara? Los robos?

  50. I reckon the first country to get their head around automatisation will ultimately be better off due to people being able to spend more time doing what they want and love. Automatisation, paired with a higher tax rate (because it's not human labour) could lead to massive infrastructure initiatives, better city planning, placemaking and ultimately a universal base income for all people – enabling them to do what they please, which would probably have some pretty positive effects on our environmental and cultural sections of society.

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