The Platform | Main Trailer | Netflix

Inside a vertical prison system, inmates are assigned to a level and forced to ration food from a platform that moves between the floors. Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, The Platform is a twisted social allegory about mankind at its darkest and hungriest.

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The Platform | Main Trailer | Netflix

In a prison where inmates on high floors eat better than those below, who get the scant scraps, one man tries to effect change so everyone gets enough.




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  1. i love this type of film any one knows more films like this one? pls coment im bored af

  2. One of the best movies i've ever watch
    I don't speak spanish by the way

  3. Snowpiercer 2.0??

  4. Great movie not as graphic/brutal to my liking but definitely worth a watch.

  5. They starve, they even eat other people. But still they dont eat bat. So we have a lot to learn from that movie.

  6. I find it fascinating that in a world of big CGI, space, action and adventure movies you can find a gem like this. Such a simple movie that provokes many emotions and deals with content not touched on too often by mainstream media. Its good to know the arts are still alive.

  7. I’m watching the trailer obviously

  8. man im gonna start learning some spanish

  9. Ending was unsatisfying tho

  10. I imagine if Ricky-Oh jailed in the Platform.

  11. communism

  12. Is he Zlatan or his twin

  13. I have so many questions about this movie.
    The ending is just making me crazy

  14. Who expected Mufasa but got a turd instead?

  15. Just a Snowpiercer clone, a good one at least.

  16. World have enough for everyone need but not for everyone's greed.

  17. That's how it works in real life?? The rich drinks from the tap and the poor gets the drip from the leaky part

  18. Looks good…

  19. Really enjoyed this movie

  20. I came here because of tiktok

  21. Its 8 am i didn't sleep this night and then the youtube show me this . Why god?

  22. If you guys like this movie, you guys should watch the Snowpiercer. It was directed by Boon Joon-ho (the same director who directed Parasite), the movie has the same message.

  23. Ovio

  24. Who let the Spanish remake Snowpiercer?

  25. People saying this isn’t about capitalism are literal smooth brains

  26. well, i guess john mcafee ran out of money and now he do movies

  27. I was just wondering what would happen to the kid when the platform stopped abviously she was gonna bounce because the platform is so fast

  28. Don’t watch it .worst movie ever . The only reason i finished it its because i wanted to se what’s gonna happen in the end. and you know what ,i just regret it because even in the end you don’t know whaatt happened

  29. Why didn’t anyone bring a ladder?

  30. My roommate about to look real tasty when I run outta toilet paper

  31. Just ganna say dont eat before or during this movie, gives you that sick in the stomach feel when you watch

  32. i made the mistake of eating while watching this and now i feel sick

  33. I understood the message but I still find the movie disgusting. Too graphic for my taste

  34. Everybody is always wanting a thumbs up. I prefer thumbs down. Thumbs down on my comment!

  35. Others: Is The Platform any good?

    Me: Obviously.

  36. I genuinely never understood what capitalism/ communism was until i saw this film. now i finally get it and know we live in a capitalist society and thats on not having toilet paper

  37. Amazing plot poor execution. Dont care what anyone says ending the movie the way it ended was just bad story telling.

  38. This movie defines capitalism

  39. Que peliculón!

  40. What an ending! 😑

  41. i believe the movie ended that way because director had no idea what to do and he wanted to make one of those films such as inception, not because he wanted to give a deep message or anything
    but i believe he hardly failed doing that

  42. Worst film I’ve ever seen

  43. I would be fine because i fast all the time. Months at a time

  44. This is beyond the words movie means the concept……
    One of the best movie

  45. I did not know Zlatan has a film now

  46. Who else is watching this after a trending post from fb?😂

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