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The PHENOMENON BRUNO GROENING – documentary film – PART 1

The first part of this extensive documentary film examines the events around Bruno Groening in 1949. Included are the dramatic developments in Herford, the sensational mass gatherings at the Traberhof in Rosenheim, and the scientific investigations in Heidelberg.

Part 2 –
Part 3 –

The sensation of 1949
In the year 1949 great excitement develops around a man, Bruno Groening, who is known in the media as a miracle healer. It all begins in Herford, Westphalia, with continual reports about new, unbelievable healings. Even people diagnosed as incurable swear by his power to heal. But Groening‘s activities are prohibited by the authorities. He withdraws to Bavaria, yet some journalists are able to locate him even there and disclose his whereabouts to the public. Within a short amount of time, up to 30,000 people per day make the pilgrimage to the Traberhof in Rosenheim. And again, with increasing reports about unbelievable healings, Groening becomes the center of public attention.

Still very significant today
The PHENOMENON BRUNO GROENING has already been shown in cinemas or public presentations in about 100 countries – nearly 13,000 times. Now you can also watch it on YouTube. The premiere will take place on January 18th 2019 at 7pm CET (Central European Time). From January 19th, for three weeks, all three parts will be made available on YouTube.

The film is meticulously researched and aims at bringing these events back to public awareness. It features 50 eyewitnesses, many photos, documents and some film footage from that time, to bring the events and the “phenomenon Groening” to life in front of your eyes. Wherever original footage was not available, re-enactment scenes supplement the film.

An extraordinary historical documentary – now on YouTube in full length

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  1. He wasnt from this place.

  2. I have found that sitting in front of this DVD -which is full of the power of spiritual goodness -lifts me up. It also improves the atmosphere in the house and in the seniors village where I live. Thank you Circle of Friends for providing it for all of us to tune into.

  3. So he Could cure others
    But not him self, must be
    A Cures to heal others but not your self…


  5. Knowing that even plants and animals can be healed through the healing stream, it seems like a miracle but is really a blessing.

    Just last night, I took the healing stream. Half an hour on chair as it is taught and half an hour on bed as I became extremely sleepy during the healing and my head started bouncing up and down which hurt later. Hehehe. But my years of chronic pain eased to a considerable difference after 1 session only.
    Some 5-6 years ago I was introduced to the healing stream and circle of friends but obstacles started coming..idk why. Later I just shut myself down due to immense depression and anxiety. But now that my cat is pregnant for the 2nd time and as she and I had a traumatic experience the 1st time, and I was physically and emotionally depressed and exhausted and suffering in pains, and numbness, ulcers, just anything that one can imagine due to illness, I forced myself to take the healing storm as it is needed now. I deserve health and my pets too. But I just couldn't do it due to obstacles of health and other ones for all these years. My life had become hell from every corner and last night I decided to go on the right track. Just 1 session it took and I am much better. Thank you

  6. Can the healing be received by animals?

  7. Thank you for sharing. I am interested in a distant healing. How to i request. Do I just pray?
    God Bless.

  8. It feels so great to watch this film on Youtube. I felt at peace. I also felt sleepy, but then in the Circle of Friends its ok if you feel that way because it means the Heilstrom is working

  9. Wonderful to have u tube access to this special healing film.

  10. Everyone can do this. You just have to ignore the facts and put all of your attention to you imagination and see what is unseen and if it were seen and the unseen becomes seen. It just takes practice. Neville Goddard teached ppl this and they could do it also.

  11. Beautiful man, I could tell just by looking at his photo.

  12. How many minutes per day should one do to heal one's body?

  13. Thank you Bruno Groening you give me joy and faith in God our Father in Heaven. Thank you for your help Bruno 🙏❤💞❤Thank you Bruno Groening Circle of friend and for making this healing film ❤💗❤💗❤God loves Us

  14. Nice documentary. I wish I could find someone like HIM !!

  15. Groening, Padre Pio, Maitre Philippe de Lyon, Baba Vanga, Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, Garandabal, La Salette : all symptoms of despair.

  16. Thank you so much for these extraordinary docudramas, also the various short documentaries reporting about audience members healing while or after watching the movies, as well as the many speeches of this paradigm of humility, Bruno Groening (and thank you, dear Bruno, how you made yourself noticed to me last month!). Until six weeks ago I never heard anything of Bruno Groening. Over the years I was blessed to meet various fluidic healers and repeatedly witnessed one in action as I volunteered as a translator. None of them had an easy life. However, what Bruno Groening went through leaves me wondering when physicians, justice professionals, newsmakers, or Mankind’s suffering of spiritual amnesia will end.

    Two thumbs up to the filmmakers for the production of these movies. You ought to be a daredevil to make such a moving and meaningful series—movies lacking in violence are notorious for their “Poor ROI” I’d already hear pandits’ warnings.

  17. I'm so happy to see this special documentary on youtube. Now millions and millions of people around the globe have a chance to learn about Bruno Groening Circle of friends <3

  18. The singing on the square at the end has deeply moved me..

  19. This is a wonderful documentary & it gives me Hope. Thank you for sharing the Healing work of Bruno Groning!

  20. i medici sono e sono sempre stati contro la guarigione!

  21. Merci Bruno Gröning d'être venu sur terre pour aider tous les humains….un Cercle a été formé et il grandira et il grandira comme tu le souhaitais…et merci à tous ceux qui suivent ton chemin pour continuer ton œuvre….

  22. Bruno Groening and the Circle of Friends saved me from a life of suffering. I am eternally grateful.

  23. THANK YOU 💓❤

  24. THANK YOU 💓❤

  25. What an amazing man! (even though he didn't want people to praise HIM – he wanted people to think of God, only), but still I must at least give him the respect that he deserves for having devoted his life to helping others. It's one thing to be born with a gift, but many people don't use their gift. Mr. Gröning did, so…much respect to him! <3 <3 <3
    I wish he were still alive today. I wish there were someone in this world in these times who had a similar ability. Someone like him is so, so much needed in these times.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful Documentary. I am filled with gratitude for the man who made this.
    Thank you <3

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