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The future we're building — and boring | Elon Musk

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Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED’s Head Curator, Chris Anderson.

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  1. The whole conversation was elon proving wrong, TED’s first question.


  3. Interviewer looks like Seth Mcfarlane.

  4. Eon .musk can u help with corona virus vaccine? Or hospital repairators?

  5. Wow do this in uk please remember sink holes

  6. I question Elon's assumption that we must travel so much. I know this may be inconceivable to many, but I think we can travel much less, especially for work. The work-relating commuting is an indulgence. And, in fact, much of our energy consumption is a needless indulgence. I don't see much thoughtful consideration given to reducing demand in transportation or energy.

  7. 🇿🇦

  8. I have a huge crush on him

  9. This man is extremely smart and it baffles me!!!

  10. but an earthquake, nuclear explosion, or slight plate shifts over time will cause a collapse, cracks, and unrealistic expenses to fix…

  11. @elonmusk I would like it if you would create a way that we could beam ourselves to wherever we want to go like Ins Star Trek. If anyone could do it it’s you.

  12. Your system could be like a roller coaster system built w a rocket instead of a bus. And would be built like a roller coaster above the highways. No cars would be needed or would limit them

  13. What if you build the skating system on the highways already built. It could be more like a roller coaster where so many vehicles get onto each “ride”. Maybe each ride separates w each vehicle and the skater system can be automatically paired w the turn signal or controlled through something to know where the driver is needing to go.
    Or build it as a by-pass. The beauty of outside would be wonderful for people to enjoy when they’re on skater system bc they won’t have to drive from what I’m understanding.

  14. What about earthquakes? Won't this be a problem in California? Won't this cause the ground opening/sink holes?

  15. Notice the subtle reaction Elon Musk makes at 15:48 . (15:33 for full statement)
    Like: "how are you not acknowledging this huge milestone / goal?"

    Thankfully, the crowd approved 👏🏽❤️

  16. I do admire this dude in some ways, but this was in fact boring enough that I had to stop at minute 5ish LOL

  17. Elon gets 5 Billion dollars (tax payers money). Elon makes cars for a high price. Elon gets more money, Elonbuilds rockets, where cameras always start do mailfunction JUST before the rocket lands. If i would have known that it is so easy, i would have done it. But i always thought it was fraud, well nevermind.

  18. Okay Elon. You reading? Good. End the flat earth society. Take their leader have him JOIN you in one of your rockets and take a little trip up. The solution is a rocket. That doesn't take a rocket scientist to come up with a solution. END the flat earth controversy. All you rich think tankers covertly gave rise to the problem. The reaction to the problem has taken place. Now implement the solution to it. If only one of these interviewers would confront you on camera about it so you are in a corner and have to publicly address it. Everyone else knows the earth is not flat. Why not simply put an end to the controversy and take all the well-known flat earth leaders on a little space trip? As if YOU can't afford it. Or is there a reason all you futurists NEED flat earthers around? You want to be a philanthropist? Drag them up above with you. Let them bring their own cameras if they want.

  19. First 40 mins interview I've watched without skipping a second

  20. I think without Elon Musk we would make the progress but it would be much slower in small increments made by hundreds of people.

  21. We need more people like Elon!

  22. Fair to say, (From what we hear), Elon musk has a brain in the capacities in 10s of multitude of Steve Jobs? 🙂

  23. I guess Elon thinks 10 times before he thinks because average human being cant understand what he is speaking about 🙂

  24. Hello there, i know a trustworthy service to raise your views naturally for thousend is 1.49 so the service is called => RazorViews

  25. "the most deepest mines are much more deeper, than tallest buildings are tall" -Elon Musk

  26. The real TONY STARK

  27. Americanized South African accent

  28. Remarkably similar to iRobot. #waltwhatareyoulike

  29. Elon, it's not a simulation.

  30. If it is boring, why don't we start funny things ? Stop turning around. Go straight to the goal !

  31. Underground roads irobot much

  32. I can’t help but think of it like human ant tunnels, hahaha!

  33. What would happen to the tunnels if there were to be a hard earthquake.

  34. Yeah, I also lost it in the "factor".

  35. Organic African geniuses are suppressed for this complete caucasian idiot don't believe the hype

  36. Before we consider this caucasian creep a genius remember the African (saith tech) who built the perpetual motion car that runs on nothing who disappeared under trump

  37. I just realised that boring means digging a hole, mind blown

  38. Do they have a Muscle Car Tesla?

  39. Though this idea may be more earthquake prone

  40. this guy got younger just look at his 2014 interviews

  41. Woah this was such an interesting ted talk with Elon sir absolutely a brilliant personality and i am grateful to hear from him.This is the longest interview I have ever watched without skipping.Please do an another interview in 2020 with him in Ted .I always love hearing his thoughts and vision for an exciting future ahead….

  42. Hi , the NFS community made a subreddit for Need For Speed footage. You are also permitted to publish your content there!

    The subreddit is called r/nfsvideos

  43. hes not very smart for a billionaire

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