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The Filthiest Game of Age of Empires II

This may be the filthiest game of Age of Empires II you’ll ever see.


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  1. in the words of Daut…. "towers are military"

  2. 1999: AOE 2 was first released for people to embrace life as a general in the middle ages.
    2018(almost 20 years later): Developers saw this clip: get shocks of their life

  3. what an evil game

  4. TW

  5. Now that people is why you dont steal people’s boar. Especially Viper’s

  6. gosh this meta ruins the game!

  7. Super game! Considering Joadn is keeping quiet, can you tell us more of what he's up to? Is he or will he streaming? Joadn is really appreciated, would definitely love to see more of his plays either 1v1 or team games. Thanks

  8. I have to expose this opponent, his name’s Chinese meaning is “real penis”. Disrespect to the max. When he erect a tower in your home town, you know what he is really erecting there.

  9. You mentioned DaubT. Why are you even playing vs. DaubT? He has peaked over a decade ago. He won't get any better and certainly will never reach the top echelons of AOE 2. Are there too few good players left so you settle for DaubT?

  10. NOOOO! You were the chosen one! You were supposed to save the empire from the tower darkness, you weren't supposed to join it! I have failed you my young Padawan, I have failed you!

  11. how and why ? You are the true king viper.

  12. Age empires no1 Chim Se Di Nang Viet Nam 2019

  13. excellent work both side.. funny game !!!!

  14. masta….pizza

  15. this is how I die every time for sure 11


  17. You are in Arabia and this scout slaps your boars ass, what do you do?

  18. blue is like trying to get rid of some fleas or something, those villagers are hard to catch lmao

  19. Interesting map-art you created five minutes in, the explored section kind of looks like a villager…

  20. You're crazy xDDD

  21. This is such a dirty game omfg lol

  22. How do you rotate the gates?

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