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The Complete American Horror Story Timeline | Season 1 to Season 9 (All Seasons)

Ever wonder how all the events of American Horror Story fit into one timeline? Ryan and Greg take you back through every season of AHS in chronological order. From the early Roanoke days and the origins of the Coven witches, to stops at the Murder House and Hotel Cortez, and of course, all the way to the Apocalypse and back to in time to 1984.

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  1. What's your favorite moment in the entire American Horror Story series?

  2. Isn’t there a new timeline when Mallory kills Michael and 1984 is part of the new timeline?

  3. Спасибо за видео (=

  4. Coven was my fave moment-the whole season. Fuck the haters

  5. Get ready to do another timeline AHS Season 10!

  6. the American  horror story is based on real life  events

  7. I really just procrastinated from studies to watch this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. It really bothered me that they reunited Tate and Violet and finally gave Moira freedom only to turn back time so all of that never happened

  9. Wow marie is a virgo what a skinny legend

  10. My fav seasons are murder house, cult and of course 1984 🤙🏼🔥

  11. Easter Egg; When Emma Watson's name was displayed on the intro of AHS Apocalypse, a bunch of people got their head exploded. Same happened to Emma. (Basically foreshadowing her death)

  12. Thank you guys for the time line explanation…But I was a mess to follow I'm still lost with so many story lines , flash back, aliens , vampires crossing together back and forward….lol what a mess

  13. Cody Fern is pretty…damn😍

  14. 27:15 that's not true, Queenie never died in the trials she just failed resurrection

  15. There’s a. Season 9???? I’m only on 8

  16. Did you know that Macaulay Culkin is confirmed to be in season 10?

  17. Jimmy did not donate his hands, he was conned

  18. That Apocalypse finale gives me CHILLS. Cordelia’s sacrifice just….ugh, I don’t even have word. I get adrenaline tears just thinking about it 😂

  19. but if richard ramirez was being watched for all of those years then how did he go to devils night at the cortez?

  20. I'm very curious about Emily and Timothy's "special" DNA. They produced an antichrist, we know neither one of them is a ghost so what is it that makes that happen? I'd like to find that out in a future season.

  21. So the short of it all is that every either kills someone else or kills themselves. Or gets killed.

  22. Every season is amazing in its own right 👌🏻🤷‍♀️

  23. Oh wow its really haunting how some of these events were happening at the same time!

  24. I feel like AHS stopped being really good after Freak show

  25. Queenie don't die in seven wonders.

  26. Night of a thousand tates not tales

  27. Whouaaaah, what wonderful job you've done ! My favorite moment is in Apocalypse, when Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison arrive with "She's like a rainbow" song !

  28. 33:26 This timeline is great but you make a few mistakes. Like this part, it is the night of a thousand tates not the night of a thousand tales.

  29. 15:04 SCUM doesn't pretend to be the zodiac killer, they are the zodiac killer as I recall, and Valerie gets all pissed when one of the gay fellas starts leaving clues in the newspaper, so I thought he was trying to be the zodiac, when in reality it was always SCUM

  30. Wait there was a mistake in the video. The guy who was selling the freaks to the museum didn’t die. He was brutally disfigured and locked in a cage, resembling meep. He is found by I believe the guy who had the doll or the rich boy. I can’t remember which one. The guy was selling the freaks had his arms and legs chopped off and was wearing a hat similar to meep. Other then that this was a great video

  31. I love AHS it is my fav show on TV. You guys put it all together very well I think, there are a lot of twisted Mother Fuckers in this show for sure and it would not be fun if it were any other way. Peace and be kind to each other. cheers.

  32. 1984 is A WHOLE MESSSSSS

  33. cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  34. I hope there is a season 10 and we need Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson in it!!! What Is AHS without them? I mean season 9 was good but it wouldve been better with them

  35. ahs is awsome but it needs more ….

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