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The Complete American Horror Story Timeline | Season 1 to Season 8


Ever wonder how all the events of American Horror Story fit into one timeline? Ryan and Greg travel through all seasons of AHS in chronological order: from the early Roanoke days, all the way to the Apocalypse and beyond. We didn’t eat Stu.

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  1. How many people is Evan Peters gonna have to strangle

  2. But Edward Phillipe Mott didnt have any children, how can he be an ancestor of Dandy, he also doesn't have any siblings as far as we are concerned?

  3. Of course Marie is a Virgo <3

  4. i’ve watched every episode of ahs so many times and this was still a damn rollercoaster

  5. I hope Cody Fern reprises his role as Devin

  6. spoiler: its fucking boring…

  7. i really liked season 2 the best but anyone know if there is going to be a season 10?

  8. The most inspired idea of all of AHS is having Stevie Nicks in Coven. We want MORE!!

  9. what happened / what is going on @ 0:07 ? why is/was she being so dramatic about ? Anyways that was is one the best parts of this video.

  10. Holy shit

  11. Malory is the same person in Coven and apocalypse? Right?

  12. Coven is the only season with nothing else going on during the time it’s set.

  13. I refuse to watch season 5. Only season that scared me after half an episode.

  14. Idk why a lot of people Hate Roanoke. It's one of my favorite so far. I've rewatched it 3 times. Well I rewatched episode 6-10 twice. It's creepy, creative, and awesome.

  15. Is that a shasha velour t-shirt? Nice

  16. 26:58
    I didn't expect for me to laugh like a drunk hyena.

  17. I was so mad when Meep died

  18. So it means that Michael Langdon was only 8 years old (and 6 when he died).

  19. Wow! This was great! Thx!!!

  20. I have watched every episode of AHS multiple times and I love seeing it put together like this.

  21. This is what happens to every human being.

  22. I’m so mad Madison died like wtf. just stop.

  23. only 7 words for this series: cocaine is a hell of a drug

  24. so much death

  25. Add season 9

  26. Yum cocaine is a hell of a drug

  27. I really love how the witches in the coven got happy endings

  28. I thought it would have been cool if they did some episodes on the Cleveland torso murders

  29. I was thinking if this new antichrist will be shown later or not….i want evan peters to play antichrist

  30. Well you have to do it again as AHS 1984 is out now so you have to fit that in the timeline. Other than that I am very impressed and understand the whole show more. Thank you.

  31. im on the hotel so far i liked

    1. freak show
    4.murder house

  32. Season 1 is the best imo

  33. I jumped around seasons after the first two was that a bad idea yes or no? Ps didn’t watch this video.

    Also why is there so much baby fever In the first two seasons?

  34. Even a witch can't stop communism

  35. I have watched every season of AHS And got addicted to every opening song they have. Its like a fucking drug.

  36. Why do I feel like you have swapped voices?

  37. this show is pushing the gay agenda too hard. Stopped watching. I don't want to see man ass every 5 minutes

  38. Only me have noticed that he's wearing sasha velour's shirt?
    (My english isn't perfect 'cause I'm italian )

  39. Is it a coincidence that theres ww3 in 2020 hmmmm coincidence i think not

  40. cordelia and misty day my fuckin ship

  41. 1. Emma Roberts is a goddess.
    2. Zoe is better than Violet.
    3. Violet could not banish the gay couple because she was dead.
    4. Malory is plain adorable.
    5. Evan Peters is the best male performer in AHS.

    OH. . .Emma Roberts is freaking perfect.

  42. Is Tate Kai?

  43. Was there knocking in the intro?

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