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The Biggest Unanswered Questions In AHS

With eight narratively complex seasons under its belt, American Horror Story has left us with a number of doozies to puzzle over. With that in mind, here’s a look at this long-running hit anthology’s biggest unanswered questions and there’s more than a few. Spoilers ahead!

Murder House, American Horror Story’s first season, set the foundation for the series by introducing us to the Montgomery House, an infamous mansion in Los Angeles with a disturbingly high death count and a history of violence that goes all the way back to its first owners in 1922: Dr. Charles Montgomery played by Matt Ross and his wife Nora played by Lily Rabe.

Dr. Montgomery, a surgeon to all of Hollywood’s finest in the 1920s, built the Victorian home for his wife. He never fails to remind her, and it always fails to impress her.

When they fell on hard times, Nora decided that Charles should start offering operations out of the basement.

Crazed with grief, Charles sewed the baby back together and reanimated it. The child was bloodthirsty, their ghosts continue to haunt the house… along with anyone else who died there.

Were these terrible events enough to shatter a psychic veil and create the house where the eventual Antichrist would be conceived and born? Or was there something more? This vital question to the entire AHS arc has never been answered. Keep watching the video to see the biggest unanswered questions in AHS!

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Why is Murder House so evil? | 0:14
Lost at Hotel Cortez | 1:32
The aliens in “Asylum” | 2:38
Roanoke’s Uber driver | 3:42
The Rubber Man in “Apocalypse” | 4:32
Emily and Timothy | 5:26
The serial killers in “Hotel” | 6:23
Where’s Kyle from “Coven”? | 7:33
Why was Mallory so powerful? | 8:47
How is Scathach a Supreme? | 9:33




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  1. What's the biggest "wait, wut?" moment on AHS for you?

  2. they do explain what happened to Loughlin at the end of season 5 they said they used the contes money to send him to a school the same one they sent as scarlet

  3. You actually must have not watched the show

    Thumbs down

  4. The countess doesn't age because she's a vampire

  5. I can’t find the comment but someone had said that bubbles was in apocalypse I know that buuuut her and evie are completely different ppl they never said that she was cast under a identity spell and put in the bunker bc she was (bubbles) was killed when Michel and her robot can’t remember the name killed her and Zoe then Mallory reset it all they went back and are still alive : moral BUBBLES AND EVIE ARE NOT THE SAME PPL

  6. @omar

  7. 1. Someone does come looking for Queenie at the hotel. Ref- Season 8 eposode 4 "Could It Be… Satan?"
    2. Will Drake's son is mentioned at least twice after we quit seeing him in Hotel, and both are there for no other reason than to tell us why he's not on screen.
    3. The aliens and their interest in Kit Walker are not supposed to be explained very much. It's pretty obvious that less is more in this case.
    4. Malory's connected to the original families from Salem. They do mention this in Apocalypse.

  8. There are 9 seasons

  9. What if Thomas form apocalypse is kit walkers son from grace

  10. Half of these questions are answered.

  11. It's Misty DAY. Not Misty DAWN.

  12. Doesnt the countess tall about sending lachlan to boarding school till hes 18?

  13. My unanswered question is how does Richard get to the cortez if he is constantly killed by the ghosts of redwood? And if he managed to escape, has he killed Bobby yet? If not, why?

  14. U know that gallants grandmothers name is evie nor bubbles bubbles is from coven

  15. For the hotel one on devils night a if u reference murder house all spirits are allowed to leave there place of death on Halloween that’s y they are with James march on halloween

  16. Yooooo, clearly this show was not watched closely by the person who wrote this up.

  17. > Refers to kid as a newborn.
    > Using footage of the kid they're referring to sitting in a highchair.


  18. There should be a Chilling adventures of Sabrina and American horror story crossover.

  19. The serial killer dinner thing was explained in season 1. On halloween the veil between the dead and living is absent meaning than can roam free

  20. In murder house the ghosts could roam free on Halloween night which explains devils night

  21. Misty Dawn? 😂 Do y’all even watch the show

  22. M I S T Y D A W N

  23. They sent lochlin to the boarding school

  24. Lachlan (or whatever, Will Drake's kid) was sent to a boarding school. Same as Scarlet

  25. Okay the last question you asked, about the serial killers being able to visit the hotel? Well, if you remember the first season, Tate's victims (you know, his classmates he slaughtered) chased him and Violet and came to his house. He (Tate) was also allowed to leave, as well as Moira going to see her mother. It is said that on Devil's Night, spirits can roam freely around the Earth but when the sun comes up they go back to the either the other side or where they are confined to roam for all of eternity, EXCEPT once a year, every Devil's Night. I hope I could clear up at least that mystery.

  26. have these people even watched ahs? murder house is so evil as it’s built on top of a portal to hell, as said in apocalypse, spirits can roam free on halloween and that’s the same night as devil’s night, as said in murder house. also, mallory’s bloodline is linked to that of the salem witches, as said in apocalypse, and will’s son is sent to a boarding school cause will didn’t want him in a place filled with so much death. also, it WAS michael in the rubber man suit, as he was playing mind games with mr gallant. and the witches did try and save queenie, cordelia went to the hotel but couldn’t save her so michael did, as seen in apocalypse. y’all really need to do your research.

  27. “Misty Dawn”? That’s not the character’s name…

  28. U can tell he don't watch it!!! Loads of his questions have bin answered. SMH.

  29. In an episode, it's said that Mallory's bloodline comes all the way from Salem.

  30. So many errors in these video 🙁

  31. I just wanted to know why kyle wasn't in apocalypse, there was not even a mention of him , can anyone answer my question?
    I know evan already played 4 characters in the series but if your going to bring the witches into it, you shouldn't leave (the love o f zoe's life) kyle out of it surely?

    Plus ahs immortalized the night stalker in 1984 (series 9) yet in season 5 he's a middle aged man? I need answers!

  32. I need to know how, in hotel, Richard Ramirez was there (in 2013) except he’s been trapped in Camp Redwood for 30 years (till 2019).

  33. In season on they explain that on Halloween the dead can walk free. Also it’s Misty Day

  34. nearly all of these are easily answered if you pay attention .. or even watch the show bc it seems like yall just read the wikipedia page

  35. They literally spell out for you what happened to Will Drake's son? He was sent to a boarding school. If you actually pay attention half these questions are already answered within the show….

  36. (Season 5) Ghosts can go anywhere on Halloween, we see it all ready in season 1. But how they got the invitation, if they never been there before. That is the real question.

  37. 2:19 Cordelia did go to try and get Queenie from the Hotel Cortez but it was impossible to get her out so she had to give up lol so she did go looking xD

  38. I thought rubber man in apocalypse WAS michael spawn of satin… i mean who the hell else COULD it have been? always wondered about that… because that would have meant that he engaged in gay sex lol

  39. Awesomeness…me n my husband has put time in our schedule to watch it every night. Everyone needs an award their acting skills are outstanding!!!! I pray it never ends

  40. Did u even watch the show ?

  41. 6:40 they're able to attend the hotel on devil's night/halloween because the dead can walk freely on earth. That was explained in murder house

  42. We want Tate and Violet!!!

  43. Constance had four children Bo, Tate, Addy but whose the 4th?! It's escaping my mind atm 🤔🤐😩

  44. Did u just skip apocalypse

  45. Dude could you be any more wrong about all of this? Essentially ALL of this was explained but apparently you don't actually watch the show. If you did then you would have made a BETTER VIDEO. Since, from what I can tell, everyone has already addressed most of the SUPPOSED "unanswered" questions you mention I'm going to clarify two of them from the Hotel season.

    1. The countess WASN'T in the fashion industry. She stayed OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT and NEVER drew attention to herself. You're only linking them because WILL was in the fashion industry!

    2. The 2:25 am in hotel was answered EARLY in the second episode of the season! That was the time that James March killed himself in his office , which was now room 64. That was why the alarm went off every morning at that time.

  46. Will Drake's son is sent away to a boarding school. it says it directly in the series lmao XD

  47. 7:20 they can move freely that time because it's Halloween and on Halloween ghosts can go anywhere they want before the sun comes up the next day. They discussed this in murder hoise

  48. I wanna know how the hell they all don’t realize that they look alike

  49. Billie Dean said that the devil would WANT a little more bang for his buck, not that a spirit HAD to impregnate a Human to sire the anti-christ. So Langdon will have been more powerful because of his unique conception, also now the new anti-christ is born in 2020 rather than 2011 giving Mallory more time to come into her powers before having to fight off the new anti-christ. Apocalypse basically just made sure that the anti-christ would be waker and Mallory would be stronger.

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