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The Best and Worst of AHS: Apocalypse | Season 8 Review

Ryan and Greg wrap up American Horror Story: Apocalypse with their Season 8 review. Find out their favorite and not-so-favorite moments of the season and how it could have been even better!

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  1. 1.coven

  2. I expected Mallory to be the exact opposite of Michael and that they'll have a huge clash/battle like Angel vs Devil, Ice vs Fire and Good vs evil.

  3. Here's a spin off…hear me out. Billie Dean Howard hires Madison and Behold to travel around the country with her visiting haunted houses and the three of them work together to commune with the spirits and free them and then Madison and Behold flip the house and sell it.

  4. My Top 5 AHS Seasons

    1. Asylum
    2. Apocalypse
    3. Coven
    4. Cult
    5. Murder House

  5. Greg wearing a Gaga shirt tho 😍

  6. For me probably
    2. Asylum
    3.murder house
    4.freak show
    5. A tie between hotel and cult

  7. I have a theory what if Emily is lee long lost daughter Emily and Timothy is kit walkers son but like Timothy the 2nd or 3rd bc asylum was set in the 60s and the reson is bc Timothy prob has some like weird alien powers and sm prob happened to Emily

  8. Worst part was the ending. Undid all of the stuff with Moira, and Tate/Violet and I was over it.

  9. Imagine Michael bringing Fiona Goode back tht would of being iconic asf I loved Fiona’s swag and everything about her

  10. his death was perfect, i was meant to show how mallory cared about him and how powerful she really was.

  11. My top 5:
    1. Murder House
    2. Coven
    3. Cult
    4. Apocalypse
    5. Hotel

  12. I honestly didn’t mind the hit and run because it showed the son of Satan, the most powerful warlock/witch ever being so powerless and so vulnerable. It showed that he doesn’t matter and good will prevail over evil, in tv anyway

  13. My favourite season and, my favourite character in the season,in order:
    1. Freak Show and Elsa Mars
    2. Coven and Marie Levau
    3. Asylum and Sister Jude
    4. Hotel and the Countess
    5. Apocalypse and Myrtle Snow

  14. Top 5:
    Murder house

    That drag race reference was perfect..
    And I love the guy on rights drag tees

  15. In no particular order I’d say my top 5 are:
    Murder House
    Freak Show

  16. Time travel is never a good last minute way of resolving a plot. So now we have a witch that can go back in time to change anything bad that happens? And death has become so cheap that everyone can be brought back, even from Hell? What tension is left at this point???

  17. love kathy bates in everything except for Roanoke, they did her dirty

  18. I enjoyed the ending, if you want to watch a huge fight scene with overpowered super hero's go watch a Marvel or DC film this is AHS it's about the story and suspense and shocking/surprising the viewers. My heart was pounding during that last episode specially when Mallory was stabbed right before they were gonna go through with their plan and seeing micheal get run over out the blue shocked me completely, then the new antichrist being born had me in suspense so for me it was a great ending

  19. I can't rank a top 5, but I re-watch Hotel more than any other season.

  20. I actually liked this season after watching it again lol

  21. 3 seasons crossed over not 2. Murder House, Coven & Hotel

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