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The 6 Craziest Extinctions Ever

The earth has been through some major changes!
Animals we wish still existed:
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Written by Tyler Irving (@tylereirving), Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown
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Role of CO2 levels:



Good overviews:

Size of lava fields:

Effect of volcanoes;




6th mass extinction:


By the numbers:

Extinction rates:


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  3. The asteroid is the size of mt everests

  4. Carnivorous grass? 4:05

  5. Coronavirus

  6. "Certainly no fact in the long history of the world is so startling as the wide and repeated exterminations of its inhabitants." – Charles Darwin, The Voyage Of The Beagle

  7. my science teacher was showing this video for today's lesson and went by so fast that I didn't even have enough time to keep up with my notes :'(

  8. Co2 means carbon dioxide and h2o means oxygen

  9. Mass extinctions and civilizations occur in a cycle. To learn much more about this cycle of civilizations, recurring floods and ancient high tech, read the ebook "what I know about Nibiru" Just search for: know nibiru

  10. Corona virus time!!!

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  12. Oxygen increase -mass extinction!!!
    CO2 increase-mass extinction!!!
    So no need to worry ; more plants or more industries we would die after all!!!!

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  14. Two well known ‘extinction events’ were caused by prolonged and massive basaltic lava flows (LIPs) of the Siberian Traps and the Deccan Traps. These extinctions were driven by very high levels of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Those were natural occurrences, but today’s increasing CO2 levels are not.

  15. No, the dinosaurs DROWNED.

  16. I thought he was drawing a tree at the beginning if the video. LOL

  17. So the real problem is human population growth. Then why are we not talking about that?

  18. Imagine some 1 billion years later, when humans are extinct and there is a new smarter species that wanders the earth thinking what idiotic species made themselves go extinct.

  19. Humans evolved from a mouse?! Haha Yeah right. Scientists really need to start seeing understanding that religious scriptures speak facts (name the Qur'an) because this human evolution is a bunch of crap.

  20. can you add ice age to?

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  23. So a small scuffling rat is our ancestor! I stopped watching the video just at this point. What a bulshit 😑

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  25. Gosh darn-it, CO2 it's all you're fault!

  26. So CO2 is the responsible for 2 mass extinctions huh?

  27. It’s funny how people would study about what we did now and laugh at us cause of how stupid we are, destroying this planet

  28. The world millions of years ago when dinosaurs lived…

    South America: hmm they have a bunch of blacks
    I should move

    Africa: hey were ya goin?

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  29. What about Noah’s Arc

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