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The 2019 New American Home: Phase 1

The 2019 New American Home is being built in the most unique development in the Las Vegas Valley. Learn how the landscape and amazing, panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip will be incorporated into the design of the home.



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  1. It is referenced in almost every video in this series that this house was constructed with a focus on sustainability and green building methods. While some points in the build meet the mark, overall I think it misses the finer points that a show home should aim to hit on.

    The home is ~8,000 square feet. There is little to suggest why such a massive home is needed, other than to 'wow' as so many of the people involved in the design of the house pointed out. Such a size goes directly against the sustainability goal of home.

    The home is wrapped almost entirely on the exterior by Owen Corning's Foamular 250, an Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foam. This foam has incredibly high levels of embodied energy due to the blowing agents used in the manufacturing process, when compared to more sustainable products on the market that can provide similar insulation results, such as Rockwool's TOPROCK DD. The additional embodied energy of this XPS foam, when compared to rock wool products, will likely never be made up for over the life of this home.

    The home has no solar panels. PV panels have a carbon payback period of about 2-4 years. It is unfathomable how a 8,000 square foot, flat pitch roof home in Las Vegas was designed without incorporating solar for heating or electricity generation.

    The home has an irrigation system for the outdoor vegetation. This is perhaps the most egregious violation of any sustainability initiative in the project, seeing as Las Vegas is the perfect geography to implement landscaping features that require no water usage.

    For a model home in 2019 that is aiming to address topics such as sustainability, I find it appalling that NAHB would have so many basics that are missed in a show home build.

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