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Sữa Chua Chỉ Ăn Vào Đúng 2 Thời Điểm Này Là Tốt, Còn Lại Rất Hại Sức Khỏe

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  1. 999,833 likes

  2. no matter what fandom you're part of, you'll always love bigbang

  3. tbh i actually forget how freaking bop this is

  4. 25/03/2020 anyone??
    I ilove it

  5. I wonder what's mean of ringa linga?

  6. I have got proof lisa is a guy 😂😂😂

  7. 999322 like !!

  8. 0:32

  9. I.con.ic. Reminder Kpop will get you through COVID-19 😊

  10. 💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. 개좋다 왜 이제 알앗지??

  12. The people that disliked this is because they fainted and accidentally hit the dislike button

  13. Wow😱😘💞💓

  14. he's hot

  15. Ekko

  16. 2020? Nadie? 🙁

  17. I left kpop, but i still like Taeyang

  18. El Cartel De Santa coreano v:

  19. Imagine how iu ..was feeling at that time🤫🥴

  20. He be looking f i t in that turtle neck. No one can change my opinion

  21. The song starts and you think that it will be smth like Eyes Nose Lips and it leads to Good Boy vibes

  22. 2020?

  23. I see lisa in minutes 3:23 dancing on the car . Am i right??

  24. I don't know why but I really love the line "baby don't kill my vibe" even tho I don't even know if that's the actual line or if I'm just mishearing

  25. Chris brown vibes 😬😍

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