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Sightseeing Nha Trang Vietnam With a Beautiful Asian Girl


Nha Trang Vietnam is a coastal resort city in southern Vietnam. It’s best known for its beaches and it could be the best beach in Vietnam. The main Nha Trang beach is a long stretch along Tran Phu Street lined with hotels and seafood restaurants.

In today’s video, we went to a small fishing village and ate at a local seafood restaurant called Hai san uyen located in Khanh Hoa Province. We then did a Nha Trang City tour with the electric bike which was a great way to see the city and enjoy the Nha Trang Nightlife.

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  1. hey Sai. Some of us guys actually think glasses are sexy. Nothing could detract from your looks.

  2. You are a Queen, Sai. It's nice to watch you eat and enjoy your food too. I had a beautiful wife who hardly ate at all. She's out there somewhere, I hope she's tried the meatballs. 😉

  3. what i love about sai is that she is a super down-to-earth person…i love her that way…

  4. so called sea food is not food, it is sad that their life were taken for your food.Imagine how painful they have to go through before it come onto the table. Please promote veg instead.

  5. Hey .ihope you have lots of feed her

  6. Half the fun is watching Sai eat!! She is a cutie!!!!

  7. Beautifully done Adam and Sai.

  8. Just jealous of Sai

  9. hey , i'm starting to really like these guys , sia closes her eye's when her man kisses her , thats extremely cute . see you 2 soon.

  10. Wow I visited Nha Trang back in 2007 it has changed a lot since then. Great Vlog guys !!!

  11. Most sexiest asian woman in the world!

  12. Go, super

  13. No one more genuine than Sai. Nothing fake about her. I venture to say if she had her own channel (does she?)… it would be huge!!!

  14. omg i cant watch – sia makes it look so yummy – stoooop 😛

  15. She looks different in this video.

  16. This couple chose xich lo vehicle to enjoy watching views is the best way.

  17. I know to drive " xich lo " he said go around city just 150 vn dong = $ 6

  18. Maybe when I'm weak .I come back my down town to drive taxi .Because taxi gets a lot of money. $7 dollars for driving a few kilometers. Very expensive

  19. I would like eating the seafood but my fingers no open them. They could select the meat out of them by chef cook already is on table just go eating.

  20. Thailand girl looks so charming.

  21. Should use a tiny plastic bag to put ices in side bag then pour the beer for drinking is better for your throat no hurt.because ice is made by someone company .if ice in the fridge is ok.

  22. My down town is NhaTrang. my job is cutting any kind tree to make beautiful views for this city. Government paid me salary . Must be strong enough to work this job.

  23. Good looking couple. I speak blessings to you both in Jesus name. Amen 🙂

  24. It would be so fun to see you two in Louisiana USA eating the big plates of crawdads. If you guys get the chance to travel the south of USA take it you'll have fun. Cheers

  25. It's so funny that the way to SI's heart is through sea food.:)

  26. Nice to see a little more of the softer and cuddle side of Adam and Sai near the end of their video. Great video guys.

  27. Great video as always, I tell people all the time that Vietnam has the best cheapest seafood, the urchins and squid are some of the best you will ever eat, hope you guys make it to Ha Long Bay, the food is amazing and cheap. Thanks for sharing your beautiful adventures, many blessings to you both 🙏
    Cheers 🥂🍻

  28. Is Captain Willard still alive?  Have your seen him on your Nha Trang travels?

  29. Nha Trang điểm danhhh !!!!

  30. Awesome love


  31. I'd rather live in Coronado in San Diego. Much classier.

  32. Love your videos. You two usually go to places that I want to visit someday. I have only been to Thailand and Philippines so far but Vietnam and Cambodia are on my list also. Thanks for the interesting content. You two have good chemistry!

  33. How much did she cost $?

  34. Been there this november for 2 weeks, great city, Vietnam and Thailand are way to go for us Russians in winter, at least it is unusual warm right now, only -5 °C.

  35. Young asian chick got trapped by an old man

  36. Why does Sai not where her glasses? I bet she would look great! How bad is her eyesight?

  37. Why are you surprised? Thailand, and especially Pattaya, is a shithole that's rightfully getting left behind.

  38. Dalat next?

  39. Every man likes head..!!! LOL..!!! 😂😂😂 Too funny… Sai loves all living creatures so she feels guilty eating them… 😞😞😞 Sai truly knows how to have fun eating… Yes nice beach… Sai is a beautiful Queen… 😉😉😉 This is a really happening city with action…

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