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Siem Reap – Cambodia night walk || iam_marwa

Hello Siem Reap – Cambodia night walk, welcome to my Youtube channel , i hope you have enjoyed this video.
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  1. Marwa blessings to you and your lady. Cambodia looks amazing. Keep showing us the world through your eyes. Shout out to everyone in the comment section.
    Love always 🖤

  2. Dude! Did you take the drone to Angkor Wat? I hope that is in the previous video! I really want to see that!

    3:14 Red Piano ha the best ribs ever! You should do to the one on Sok San Road, though, rather than on Pub Street. The Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider movie was shot around Siem Reap, so you will see many references to it.

  3. Go and enjoy the pool at cambo beach club!

  4. Everybody I got better videos than this with hotter women! Click the link and subscribe:

  5. Yo people looking at you is standard bro your nothing special all chocolate men have the same experience in South Asia me included. Stop going on about it it sooo normal

  6. You assume too much what people are thinking about you. Actually they really don't care. Drink a beer for once and relax.

  7. So is it this country they hate blacks ? This country n Africa what’s the difference that they hate blacks , 😏😏😏

  8. This was yet another enjoyable video of Cambodia🇰🇭, keep up the excellent work Marwa.👍🏽🇺🇸🇯🇲🌴☀️🌴

  9. marwa at 16:48 your wow was what for? I just see the girl in a red skirt there.

  10. I am sure the gonna thank on you're leaving , for promote their country for good

  11. A new word for Marwa is "Kinda" which he used a zillion times throughout this video.

  12. Boe is coming out her shell on camera thats cool bro

  13. M dub i see you plair!

  14. Sweet Mother of Jesus, Marwa, you're massacring English Language. Rider and raider are two different things. Bo should be admired and encouraged for making effort to speak English but Marwa who is a university graduate in Kenya was educated in English.

  15. Send your fucking video with this girl marwa

  16. Wow it looks like a fun chill spot. Living the life man.

  17. Hi marwa I been wanting to ask you about Bogota Colombia I want to travel over there and not sure whats the best place to stay where do you recommend ?

  18. 2020 puttin in work

  19. Marwa you need to wear your big boy panties and not be so intimidated by regular shit. Bo will get tired of being your crutch. Love the vid bro

  20. Boy I recently saw a video with 180 likes, no dislikes; & then this has 212 likes, no dislikes?

  21. I did mention night vision as well.I guess you never read my comment through .

  22. Bo please help marwa your his strength.

  23. Marwa please to day don't trying asking Bo if she want food, l don't like when you do that

  24. Hold on to Bo she’s a prize

  25. marwa you have skils of showing every details through the eyes of your camera even in the night.
    I see that you have kept your word about giving Bo your SHIRT…so i repeat, you are a good example to be followed by other people👍

  26. nice video , im watching from tanzania

  27. Actually Nigeria is most popular; then Ghana, then I suppose Kenya

  28. Marwa people are looking at you wondering why you wearing sunglasses at night

  29. Take off the dark sunglasses at night. You’re not Roy Orbison. The Cambodians think you’re just a idiot foreigner acting weirdly.

  30. Hello💕nice place👍👌enjoy and have a wonderful night🎊🎊🎊

  31. Actually, Siem Reap looks really lively at night, just like Thailand.Also, I see quite a few Western tourists as well;give it a few more years and it'll be just like Phuket minus the ladyboys! Lol.

  32. I cant miss you r videos brother marwa.

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