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SCP: Dollhouse

A group of Foundation MTF operators investigate a suburban home after reports of anomalous activity inside.

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Spanish (Spain) Subs by Juanjo Martínez.
Chinese (Simplified) Subs by SyouShiro
French Subs by Traxx
Russian Subs by Ûñçlé Lèrøy & Anon
Japanese Subs by Gyre
Vietnamese Subs by zDarkHeroz
Polish Subs (WIP) by Quadrax
Czech Subs by DanceShaker01
Romanian Subs by GKHD
German Subs by Ryeera
Italian Subs by Damocle FH


Chung cư MƠ ƯỚC tại quận Tây Hồ: 4 tỷ – 3 ngủ – 118m2 (KOSMO Tây Hồ 101 Xuân La)

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  1. Hey guys, we're working on a new film! This time it will be funded via Kickstarter. You can find the page here:

  2. Nice. That person almost resembles a character in one of my video games.

    Oh no…

  3. Good movie


  5. Respect bro this was amazing

  6. Woah.

  7. classic rainbow six siege gameplay when full team must kill one last guy

  8. what scp was that

  9. Is that Matthew Mercer as O'Neil?

  10. green bandana: nobody ever's ever won that
    blue bandana: yea, but I always wanted to see a ghost
    light run out conveniently
    2 minutes later
    look at ''green'' eyes 0_0 14:37

  11. Part two!

  12. This was really good work enjoyed the story. one small tip use a 10 x 12 thick piece of cardboard cut to to fit in your plate carriers will make the 100% better and not so flat

  13. Ya'll a bunch of them hipsters

  14. (Creates a horror film that doesn't have cheap as shit jumpscares every other minute)
    Hollywood: "Wait, that's illegal…"

  15. Am… Whats the SCP?

  16. This is my dream to do something like this. Sweeping a house like that was realistic and tacticool. Great work!

  17. But they were walking down the corridor in single file, hand on the shoulder of that one in front. Bright.

  18. 4:23 секретные советские документики))

  19. They should have waited until it's fully releast, there are a lots of bugs in the demo

  20. Tip: if you don’t know where the SCP is just chuck a D-class in there and wait for the SCP to come

  21. i think at the first encounter with the girl she accidently set the W key to go backwards

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