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Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden's TED Talk

After a surprise appearance by Edward Snowden at TED2014, Chris Anderson said: “If the NSA wants to respond, please do.” And yes, they did. Appearing by video, NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett answers Anderson’s questions about the balance between security and protecting privacy.

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  1. Fucking china copy paste

  2. And this idiot hiding behind ‘National Security,’ lol. This guy is a total puppet of the government. His answers couldn’t be more rehearsed or contrived. As an American it’s revolting to listen to. He’s a total puppet.

  3. What the leak has revealed, and the counter response to the leaks, is WHO and WHAT is the Deep State. It’s not a cigarette smoking round table of evil politicians, but a larger, congruent group of individuals placing their own personal gains ahead of our country.

  4. uh um

  5. The only thing I can equate this to is the time I let a woman get raped. I was walking by a field at like 1 in the morning. I heard a woman screaming but I am a little dude and I was tired. I didn’t respond but even 15 years later I still feel like I could have done something and I didn’t. I didn’t want to deal with going up against anyone or any confrontation. I don’t know if it was a woman getting raped for sure but I could have done something the way that Edward Snowden did. The man raping the woman would probably have been very upset with me in the same way that the US government is upset with Snowden. At least he did something. There was this person who was not willing to stand idly by when he knew something was wrong. He is the hero I never have been. At least he won’t look back thinking about what he could have done. The US government was breaking the law. Sorry, but just because you are in a certain type of position where you can break the law in secrecy doesn’t give you the license to do it. The rapist was breaking the law in secrecy too. He felt that just because it was dark and he was behind some bushes where nobody could see him that it would be fine to force himself into this woman. Obama and Trump are both rapists of the American people. They think that as long as nobody can see them it’s fine because they are above the law. But now it’s out in the open thanks to Ed. Reminds me of the Rodney King beating too. Thankfully there was someone there who wasn’t willing to stand idly by while the pigs were killing Mr. King. They filmed it. They took action. I am sorry that I didn’t in the case of that poor woman who was being raped behind some “firewall” of darkness and shrubbery. Most people will leave this world never having done anything special. At least Mr. Snowden will be able to look back knowing he made a difference. In Moscow he may end up being snowed in but God, surely will have a place for this angel who was willing to not stand idly by, but to speak up in the same way Jesus did. Snowden may end up crucified but that won’t matter. This was a life well-lived in service of the Truth. Big thanks! 🌕

  6. Watched this immediately after Ed Snowden's TED talk and the differences are staggering, literally staggering.

    I'm not talking about the subject here at all. What I am talking about are the video feeds.

    Snowden broadcast from Russia to Canada and had very little interference. His video was displayed on a smaller screen, sure, but had no visual pixelation or stuttering. There was a bit of what appeared at first to be cigarette smoke after the feed cut for a second, but I later determined this to be a reflection off of a glass of some sort. This could have been added digitally to the feed for some purpose, but my own knowledge is not sufficient to say what that might be. Snowden's responses were as quick as if he were on the same stage. While he did a couple times refuse to be interrupted, it seemed that this was more from his personality than a communication delay. His video feed was very good and fast especially considering the distance and latency for moving a signal overseas.

    Then there is Richard Ledgett's video. He threw it up on a much larger screen than Snowden's to make himself seem more important, but again that's a personality thing and not what I'm talking about. His feed was extremely choppy, it pixelated several times, he was distracted by the other people talking in his earphone, and it had a significant lag between the questions asked and his hearing of it. For someone whose literal JOB concerns communication and who is currently speaking on behalf of his communication job's department, his feed was horrible. I might be able to get a better connection with my 500ms ping that I play video games on.

    It's clear that this bad communication was intentional. If I had to guess, it was to give the idea that he and his department were not the powerhouses of communication that they really are. It would be like a prize fighter pretending to be slow and uncoordinated to avoid an accusation of having beat someone up.

    Again this had very little to do with the topic, but just a comparison made of the two videos and the communication tech.

  7. He doesn’t even believe in what he is saying himself

  8. I know this video is years old, but with whats going on currently against child traffickers, Epstein, Weinstein, Rothschilds probably soon to be discussed, sure does sound like the NSA was the good guys along! WWG1WGA Thanks, Wizards and Warlocks!

  9. 1:02 What is that eye change? Rep

  10. No need to worry about their surveillance files if that's the quality of their audio…

  11. Earlier i watched the ted talk about how to spot an individual who is lying. Well damn if i didn't see a lot of that

  12. 1:02 lool at the his eyes… lol eyes changed like reptile

  13. 1:02 what up with his eye right there?

  14. "learn the facts"

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you were given the opportunity to present "the facts" instead you chose to sit there for half an hour and present only lies in an attempt to discredit Snowden. No facts were presented here apart from "no matter what, the NSA will NEVER tell us anything of any value and will, at any cost, refuse to stop denying all citizens WORLD WIDE of their basic HUMAN RIGHT to privacy in our own bedrooms"

    Pack of maniacle (insert favourite derogatory term here)

  15. This guy sure dances around questions.

  16. 310 million domestic terrorism citizen's to be watched and tracked with tracking devices.

    MKULTRA, rape and torture to children an adults in America.

    Do you or someone near you have tinnitus, then scan with carpenters stud finder phone app, and maybe some alien device is located near the ears underskin.

    WALLA FOLKS, be safe out there.

    Check all soldiers and veterans coming home, to prevent PTSD, an Delusional codes hitting your medical records, some Doctors, are NOT Doctors, and should be in Auschwitz or prosecuted for crimes against humanity, while working for DOD or VA, noted.

  17. Richard Ledgett is just as bad and just as evil as Michael Hayden

  18. this is all irrelevant ..he knows what the agency(NSA) he is working for has done : which was violating people's rights ..and he is biased as he does not speak for himself but for the agency he is working for you see the biasedness is there .. and he is always talking about war .. I ask myself .. is there really war ? world peace is evident ..or is 'world peace ' another tool they made to distract the masses from their real intention to WORLD DOMINATION ??!!!

  19. Look at the host. He is intimidated.

  20. ha! what a big fat fucking liar!

  21. I was a support person to people working with the NSA, in Turkey in the 1950s. Snowden is a contractor who seems the same as for those of "the falcon and the snowman:


  23. gpx eye glitch at 1:01

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