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KISATO Thiết Kế Mẫu Nhà Cấp 4 Cho Gia Đình Anh Chiến Tại Đông Sơn Thanh Hóa

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  1. i actually really liked cult…. i thought that the idea of a politically motivated cult was really smart, and i loved the concept in which the embodiments of both completely opposite sides of the conservative/liberal spectrum went head to head throughout the season. i definitely have my problems with it, but i don’t think it’s as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

  2. my worst to best list: (leaving out 1984 because i’ve yet to watch it)
    – hotel. it was way to bloody and very triggering for me. all the threesome murders were very traumatic to watch. i loved evan peters role in this tremendously, but golly, i couldn’t bear to finish watching this season.
    – asylum. alright, after hearing what you’ve said about it all, i think i’m going to give it another watch. i just found it visually boring, with everything so dark and dreary and grey. it was mostly dialogue and wasn’t scary at all for me. my ADD might have just been getting in the way, but i wasn’t able to finish it. having battled with trauma and mental illness, i think i’ll give it another go.
    – apocalypse – i have the same thoughts as you, they could have done SO much with the apocalypse theme but completely trashed it and kept us inside the whole season. i did love seeing characters coming back, including stevie and a resolved story for misty day, and the whole “satan’s son reincarnated” was pretty cool. the ending was kind of unimpressive… like i said, could have done better with the title being apocalyptic and all.
    – cult. evan’s interpretation of all the serial killers was fantastic, he’s a truly talented actor for diving head first into embodying those roles and researching so deeply to portray them accurately. but the scene where they drilled into the guy’s head was just distasteful. and their across-the-street neighbors were kind of confusing, like why’d she marry her gay best friend when they legit hated each other? very obnoxious characters to say the least lol.
    – coven. it was fun to watch, but definitely long-winded. i liked it but for some reason it wasn’t extremely memorable for me, but awesome nonetheless. i adored misty and her tender nature, as well as seeing the lovely stevie nicks 🙂 jessica’s role was great too, though her story was a bit convoluted.
    – murder house. i adore the real life references, especially the black dahlia theory and story, like how she was never a famous actress in life, but truly gained fame in death. i was also one of those fucked up girls who fell in love with/had a crush on the school-shooter-rapist-manipulative-boyfriend-with the-pretty-blonde-hair; tate. kinda hate myself for that whoops.
    – roanoke. it surprised me how much i loved this season, but man; there were so many twists and turns that weren’t disappointing at all. i really felt entranced by the realistic themes of how the media can destroy oneself with lies about angela basset’s character, she’s an incredible actress.
    – freakshow. my favorite jessica lange role, i adore the 50’s visual aesthetics, dandy was iconic, and it has lana’s gods and monsters in it so it’s a total win for me 💗 elsa was such a mean and tough character yet so sweet and compassionate towards those in dire need. tolerance towards disabled people in that era was obviously terrible, so her “rescuing” these folks as they’d eventually gone missing was some good horror. i also have a soft spot for clowns (weird, i know) so twisty had one of my favorite storylines, being a sad suicidal toy maker who lived in a box car was very interesting to watch.

  3. My favourite was Roanoke it kept my attention so well people don’t seem to like it though I don’t get it

  4. I’m sorry but Asylum was one of the worst seasons in AHS tbh the only thing that makes this season good is the song of “Dominique”, “Sister Jude” and “Kit Walker” and Kit barely saves this show idk why people like it tbh it’s not that good of a season it’s really not

  5. I like 1984s episodes individually but hated it as a season all together if that makes sense

  6. I agree with the top 3

  7. did she really just put Roanoke in 4th place-

  8. My top three are 1984, Coven, and Asylum 😂

  9. cult is so horrible

  10. Honestly I loved Roanoke and I think I liked it so much bc when I was little I used to watch celebrity ghost stories on bio and the beginning of Roanoke was exactly like that show

  11. For me the worst is definitely Roanoke and best Murder house

  12. Heres the thing i feel like Murder House is more sad than scary. For example i wasnt scared too much throughout, for i was more sad because of how dark all of the concepts were. To represent this I've watched Murder House almost 4 times and ive cried literally every time that we finally discover that Violet has been dead for multiple episodes. Thanks for reading this terribly written comment.😂😂

  13. my ranking sorry in advance:
    9) hotel
    4)murder house
    2)freak show

  14. hotel is the best season, freak show is the worst

  15. My Ranking
    -Murder House
    Best This is probably really unpopular but I really liked the witchy aspects and the most disturbing ones I didn't like as much but I liked all the seasons.

  16. I get why people don't like Apocalypse and objectively it's not very good but I still like it because I thought it was really entertaining and had a strog aesthetic…

  17. I swear is Asylum is number 1 I’m gonna scream

  18. asylum fucked me up fr. it’s my favorite season too

  19. Everyone’s entitled to their wrong opinion

  20. “Any death in the show is not to be taken seriously”
    Cries thinking of Fiona Goode

  21. I would ride for apocalypse if it wasn’t for that time travel ending

  22. unpopular opinion: Wasn’t a huge fan of hotel, I loved/liked every character in it, but the story of it came off as a little boring to me. The only reason I watch that season over and over again is for Liz Taylor.

  23. The 1984 intro is a fanmade vid so that's why ppl hate it💀

  24. Worst to Best: 9) Apocalypse 8) Roanoke 7) 1984 6) Cult 5) Freakshow 4) Coven 3) Hotel 2) Asylum 1) Murder House

  25. Coven was best

  26. Good review but Roanoke was abysmal. I’ll never watch it again. I hated Hotel when it was live on TV but after seeing the dumpster seasons that followed Hotel it made me appreciate it so much more and actually like it. Freakshow is my second favorite and the most underrated season imo, and asylum is my favorite.

  27. I'd swap Hotel with Roanoke but other than that spot on! Can't wait for more content <3

  28. My list
    1. Murder House
    2. Freak show
    3. Asylum
    4. Roanoke
    5. Coven
    6. Hotel
    7. Cult
    8. Apocalypse
    9. 1984

  29. Asylum is not even top 3

  30. Ok so 1984 was the most entertaining to me. It made me mad how the camp was a stupid trap for ghosts like?? I didn’t want the devil involved this season was So cool just as serial killers . I love 1984, but man did ryan Murphy ruin it .

  31. the forced sterilization scene in asylum made me faint so

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