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Peaceful Day in the Life ☁️


A peaceful day in my life vlog, showing my life as an entrepreneur. Half of my week looks like these quiet days working from home. As an introvert, I actually appreciate an open day with no meetings or events so I can focus on work. The other half of my week consists of putting on my face and shooting videos, and I realize that on those days, I usually feel more outgoing & extroverted. I need both kind of days in my life to keep the balance 😌

What have you been up to lately? Any fun summer plans?

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  1. Half of my week looks like these quiet days working from home. The other half of my week consists of putting on my face, shooting, doing meetings or going out. I need both kind of days in my life to keep the balance 😌

    I'm curious to know: What are your favorite type of Lavendaire videos? And what do you want to see more of?

    Links to what I've been working on:
    → Create Your Dream Life Course |
    → Artist of Life Workbook |
    → Pastel Journals | coming late summer! soo excited about these!

  2. ❤❤❤

  3. You make me so very motivated

  4. The moment I hear your voice I find myself calming down ♥️

  5. Wow, I’m pretty shocked by the amount of plastic you use, considering the fact that your most viewed video is about Zero Waste…

  6. I love your videos. I ll definitely buy your note-and workbooks. For two reasons: first i think they are beautyfull and motivating. And second i want to support your business because you deserve an payment for your work. Your work helpes me and lifts me up- thank you so much! 💖

  7. amazing videos..


  9. Color of the house is all white. White is perfect it brings beauty

  10. You did not take shower before you sleep

  11. watching your video is much better than meditaion 😌

  12. whats the song 2:45

  13. okay so i could not live without breakfast periodt

  14. What does an enturpetor do? [Sorry if I spelled that wrong]

  15. Can you make a desk tour pleaseee!! I love your desk so so so muchh!

  16. I love your videos! your voice is soothing to listen to. also I have that same toothbrush 🙂

  17. Your face beauty brings peace already ♥

  18. ترا ترجمت الفيديو 🥰

  19. Hey Lavandaire, I'm speaking from Brazil and I have to say that I love your videos and they always help me a lot because I'm learning english! Your voice is very sweet, soft and easy to understand every single word that you said. Thank u!

  20. The otome games!! 😂 I feel you!!

  21. Try some chilli flakes on the avocado on toast. Trust me it's the bees knees

  22. Thank you for this Aileen ❤️ So calming & chill. ✨

  23. I live in Russia, and here we don't allow to use Spotify 😭 all my fav youtubers so often recommend playlist on Spotify and i just never know what music they like

  24. Most of the relevant videos shows living alone.. how about the video on depression and living with a large family.

  25. Vida de una rica del primer mundo u.u

  26. Come here after your podcast 🤗
    I love your work, it's just really inspiring. Fightinn

  27. Hey Aileen, sent you a PM via IG … hope you could help me please… 🙂

  28. There is also this type of YouTube videos which are focused on self improvement. I must tell this to my teenage niece who is crazy about Instagram models

  29. Where is the clear water bottle from?

  30. No planner for 2020?🥺 that’s ok I’m excited for the new journal anyway🤗 can’t wait for the new workbook💗

  31. All good things take time 😊

  32. nice russian)) thank you

  33. Her shinchan swaeter…who else noticed that…i love shinchan and i am 19 yrs old.

  34. Aileen this is soo relaxing! more videos like this pleaasee

  35. Thank you for russian subtitles ❤️

  36. Thanks u for vietsub ❤️

  37. I have watched a couple of her inspirational vedio and she deserves " subscribe "

  38. well your life is always peaceful btw hahahaha

  39. This video soothed my anxiety. Thank you Eileen!

  40. Hello, I'm really glad to see your video. I also had same problem like you when I was in school. However, when I get nervous what should I do? Specially presentation. Kindly give me your inspirational thought.
    Warm regards

  41. why we have tu create peace – full life or work for it ?

  42. This whole video was so aesthetically pleasing and calming OMGG

  43. I feel so calm after this video✨

  44. Avocado toast is like a snack for me lol 😂

  45. Thanks for sharing this. Helped me have a cozy peaceful day.🤗👍💐

  46. I love how soft and calm the background music is. It just fit so well with the video. Thank you for making my day with this vid! I have one question i hope you dont mind answering, which country are you from? (Sorry if u alrdy answered this for someone else before)

  47. UMMM, can I please ask you where you get your comforter cause that looks mad comfy. Thx so much.

  48. Watching u testing the paper for the 2020 journal and matching up for the cover made me wanna give u a like 💘 I haven’t been watching ur vids for a long while and tbh I miss u gal!! Good to c ya!! Luvs from 🍪

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