Mua Bán

Nha Trang, Vietnam 2018 | MAVIC AIR & GOPRO4 | UHD/4K

Travel Video of our Vacation in Nha Trang, Vietnam!

filmed with DJI Mavic Air & GoPro Hero 4 silver
edited in Premiere Pro CC 2018
Music | Sons of Maria – Best days of my life

Mia Resort Nha Trang |
Po Nagar
Mini Beach, Hon Mieu
Bai Dai (Long Beach)
Nui Co Tien Mountain
Ba Ho Waterfalls



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  1. 0:38 .. where ???
    @please answer @tks

  2. Thanks, this is the city where I live and work, it's so beautiful <3

  3. i like ur vids.. wich program do u use to create ur videos with ur mavic pro?

  4. Awesome video, you have me some great ideas for my next trip. How'd you get up to the mountain?

  5. Beautiful beach, but not all of months.
    Thanks for your good video. But Do Not go to Nha Trang's beaches

    During these 3 months ( later December through to later March) During of these 3 ugly months Ripcurrents, jellyfishes eggs hatching season moths;
    it may be ok to swimming and playing in Nha trang before and after of these 3 ugly months. (Later December to later March). The beaches are very extremely danger from late of December to late of March, Because jellyfish hatching eggs months season. And Ripunder currents appear
    I and my family regularly go there, but we never go there from JANUARY to Early April. Staying away from of these only 3 ugly months. The jellyfish hatching eggs season months , and under Ripcurrents can pull and kill swimmers on the beaches very easily and quickly. I was often there and already saw many people were drowned; because they hit by jellyfish, or were pulling out by Ripunder currents. This link video below is 1 of many accidents anualy happenes often of these 03 ugly months ( late December to Early April) . After of these 03 ugly months; the beaches are safer, ok for playing and swimming.

    Video below about a tourist Russian man hit by jellyfish, was drowned and died in the front of beache's rescuers, and his family when was swimming and playing on Nha trang Beach in later December.

  6. Thank you for the premium video. I was there in 2013 .
    Your video made me want to go back to Nha Trang again. Very proud of you guys.

  7. Tuyệt thật

  8. Ân Beast đưa t đến đêy :))

  9. Great video! The drone footage looks amazing 🙂

  10. Great video

  11. Cool ! Watch my Vietnam trip too on my chanel 🙂

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