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Nha Trang is Hot, Expensive, Not Really Worth It – Vietnam Travel Vlog 🇻🇳


We said goodbye to Dalat once again and this time rode across to Nha Trang, which was actually a really nice ride, unfortunately we don’t have any footage of it to share, but once we got there we checked into the awesome deal of a hotel Tash had booked, freshened up and headed out to for some lunch and to explore.

The first thing we noticed was how expensive the restaurants were. Now when I say expensive, I mean expensive compared to the rest of Vietnam that we have visited so far. In comparision to prices back home, they are similar or prehaps still a little cheaper, so if you were just coming to Nha Trang for a holiday, you probably wont notice or care, but if you are travelling around Vietnam, you will find prices here to be high.

And sadly the food wasn’t worth the high prices. This theme continued that night when we went to the beach for a beer and while we were expecting to pay more for the drinks because they were on the beach, we didn’t not expect to pay that much more!!

For us personally, we’re not fans of Nha Trang, we’d say definitely stop in and see for yourself, but we certainly wouldn’t say it was a must do place in Vietnam.

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We are Leon and Tash, a New Zealand vlogging couple who set off on an amazing Vietnam adventure as fulltime travellers, backpacking Vietnam. But we weren’t going to travel to Vietnam for one of those ordinary backpacking Vietnam trips you hear about everybody doing, where they go for a couple off weeks and check out the beaches or maybe riding through Vietnam at such a crazy pace that they never get off the beaten track. No we want more than that.

Our Vietnam adventures start with learning the way of the locals, taking just enough time to figure out how things work, discover what the “Must see places in Vietnam” are and more importantly where Vietnam’s hidden gems are…

To do this, we moved to Danang Vietnam. The plan was to spend 3 months living in Da Nang, meeting and learning from locals about the culture, the amazing food, their way of living and what places they would recommend to travel in Vietnam.
And because Danang is in the middle of the country, we hoped we might meet other tourists or expats who were having their own Vietnam travel adventure or were at the halfway point of motorcycle riding through Vietnam and hear from them, what places they thought we must visit in Vietnam. Also, as new travel vloggers, having a base there meant we could try things like doing Da Nang Vietnam travel vlog or creating a Danang Vietnam travel guide, before also taking on the stresses of fulltime travel.

Then in month 4, that’s when the real Vietnam adventure begins. With our new list of must see places, we will head to Saigon and buy a couple of motorbikes. to start our Vietnam road trip!
Motorcycle riding through Vietnam seems like one of the most hectic, crazy and chaotic things anyone could do, but we can’t wait!! And we wont be following a simple South to North / Saigon to Hanoi route, we plan on doing more like a figure 8, so that our travel in Vietnam will cover both the inland and coastal areas of this amazing country.
So can we still say we are backpacking Vietnam? Or should we be telling people our travel in Vietnam is a motorcycle trip through Vietnam? We’re not sure, but what we do know is, our Vietnam road trip is going to cover over 6000km’s from Saigon right up to the famous waterfalls of Ban Gioc near Cao Bang, round the northern point of the Ha Giang loop and everything else we can access in between.
So we hope you’ll join us, the New Zealand vlogging couple, on our Vietnam adventure by clicking subscribe to join the Tribe and experience our travel in Vietnam..


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  1. expensive? LOL cause your fukin broke as hell man

  2. Nha Trang is expensive???? You don't do your homework, avoid tourist areas. You two can get a room for $5-10 per night with AC a meal for $1-2. I'm Vietnamese by the way.

  3. I don't think that you guys have personalities that should be shared.

  4. Great video. Thank You!!!

  5. Appreciate candor every time! Liked!
    Note, 1 night and tourist food is not the best comparison.
    Numbeo shows Nha Trang is almost 30% cheaper than a comparable location for food costs- Danang.

  6. You stayed one night and gave the city a thumbs down??????? But you say the beach is beautiful!!! Expensive when you eat in the main tourist zone, well of course that's true anywhere you go!!! But you only paid $11 a night for a nice room that was clean, quiet and secure!!! Oh yea and too many tourists around December when it's high season??? Not to mention the National Holiday of TET beginning in January. Your criticism is ill informed and harshly interpreted. Yes, I have been to Nha Trang.

  7. Lmao of course nha trang have to be hot .

  8. Haha Leon the haircut looks good on you. Where was your half of the food lol? The accommodation you guys got was really well priced.

  9. Great vlog as always guys! We found Nha Trang to be a bit too touristy but enjoyed it for what it was. Definitely feel like it's a bit overhyped but snorkeling and diving there is pretty awesome!

  10. Lovely hairdo! I can't believe the price of that accommodation. x

  11. Amazing video my friends👍‼️💯👌🤚🤝great sharing

  12. Hahaha love haircut. It's a little different but I think you can pull it off!The good thing about hair is that it will grow back. I really like the location but it does make it feel more authentic when it is not as touristy. The hotel room look really nice and for that price that's amazing!!

  13. Think you need a hat Leon! 🤣🤣

  14. I knws Russian 😂 and weather really hot there but nice beach settings with yummy foods ☺ hair cut is superb looking beautiful 😍 Hotels room also nice there 😚 happy hotel sweet Smile ☺

  15. Sigh………………Shhhhhhhh, and that's being reserved guys……………..Don't want anybody changing their idea or their plan from Nha Trang to oh say Da Nang. Nha Trang is a Russian and Chinese and Tourist fly trap and if it isn't too much to ask, although it's a little too late in this case, I'd like it to stay that way.

  16. Thanks for sharing !
    Used to love Nha Trang…beach town with its uniqueness, used to be cheap, relaxed…Not anymore…too many rude Chinese tourists nowadays.

  17. Western prices by there standard. Reminds me of krabi in the south of Thailand where it's expensive compare to the north. I fly to Vietnam 3 weeks today ☺

  18. DaNang beach is waiting you coupe 😂

  19. I think we will be giving Nha Trang a miss! Looks too expensive for us. Nice haircut!

  20. Just note Snells Beach 😉

  21. thanks leon.. reminding me that i need a haircut too lol – them sexy bmw.. is 6usd exp? for a meal there?

  22. Na thrang is up and coming, thats why maybe it is more expensive. the beach looks nice ya, but the sand is golden, did you swim there? the city is clean.. I like it and those expensive cars.. wowww… hahahI like the head dance.. bean bagg hahahhha .. so happening in every beach. and the car they put in the sand is good for picture.

  23. Mate that's a mean hair cut some fade looks good hahahaha 😂 you know what you kinda remind me of Dom from the edge radio 😁 thanks for the tips about nha trang we will prolly give this one a miss 🤔😊

  24. Thanks for taking us round Nha Trang, nice montage! Sounds an expensive place…very funny with your haircut experience😂Made us smile! 👍👍👍

  25. Looking good Leon!!! Looks like you guys have a lot of fun wherever you go!! And WOW on the price of that room!!! 😁😂😍

  26. You're showing your age Leon, most of our young friends love those hair cuts Lol 🙂 When were in China we often McD's just for a food break so…just go for the burger.
    Fun and funny episode guys. Looks like a beautiful coastal city. I understand the cost concerns with general Vietnam costs so low, but wow, great hotel deal! Safe travels, James and Kim

  27. fantastic, I really like beach. I like on the buggy. thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week.

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