Tin Tức

Nha Trang City (Vietnam Travel Vlog)


Adventure’s in Nha Trang
Amiana Resort
Po Nagar Temple
VinPearl theme park

Where we are staying!
Ho Chi Minh

Nha Trang

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Theme song – Earl Divinagracia

Johan Lilja

The following music is royalty free and I have permission to use it under Creative Commons license. No copyright intended.



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  1. Too many nice hotels mush closer to city center where all the action is, unless your on a romantic interlude. Was there last month.😀

  2. can you tell me what is the name of the song in the beginning of this video?

  3. how did you record by drone ? everytime i try to film by the drone, they always said to me that if you do fly the drone , you would get fine fee. even though that was kindly spoken, i was actually paid at nha trang airport. 150$ i was really embarassing? how did you do that?

  4. Great video!!! I have shared your video on DiziVizi by tagging it to location Nha Trang, Vietnam. Help people to find your videos and channles. Tag your videos to thier at https://dizivizi.com/video/404358/nha-trang-city-vietnam-travel-vlog-30-hoang-hoa-tham-loc-tho-thanh-pho-khanh-6500.html

  5. Creatively done Vlog dude. Keep it up!

  6. Take me back! #needanotherholiday

  7. The scenery here is amazing, …. thank you

  8. Maaaaa boyyyy!!! That was one of the dopest intros I've ever seen! 🔥🔥🔥

  9. We have arrived late a few times to different places, they have been so nice to us and let us check in anyway, that would never happen in Australia haha

  10. the edit at 0:47 was next level

  11. The transition from inside to outside at 1:05…farkin on point bro! That's some next level editing.

  12. Love your work man your absolutely killing it!!

  13. Hella wicked intro . . . nice skills !!!

  14. Yooo killed this one

  15. 😍😍😍 unreal man, that drone scene looks so fkn good!!!!

  16. Editing and droning on POINT! These vlogs are getting better and better

  17. Kimmmmm omg next level amazing editing!

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