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NEW Scary American Horror Story Season 6 Teasers!

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The first teasers of American Horror Story season 6 have emerged on the interwebs and as expected, they are creepy AF.
I’m warning you now that these teasers are literally a nightmare and will make you say not today satan.
American Horror Story is back to raise hell and your electricity bills because once you watch it, those lights stay on. Season six airs on September 14th so to give you a taste of what is to come, FX and Vice released three new teasers of the upcoming season on snapchat that are sure to make your skin crawl. Take a look:
No word yet on what season six’s theme will be but in each of the teasers, we do see a 6 so that could mean a few things. It could be paying homage to the fact that it’s season 6 or they’re trying to be creepy as eff by putting three sixes in a row. Someone’s going to have to watch it for me and let me know. Of course the internet is exploding with theories of what it could all mean. Some are speculating that the demonic baby hand reaching up in the second teaser could be baby Michael who Vivian gave birth to and then was taken by Constance. Others are thinking that maybe Constance sent the baby to an isolated house in the middle of nowhere so it couldn’t axe murder anyone. The possibilities are endless, all I know is that having someone grab my feet while walking down a flight of creepy stairs is one of my worst fears so thanks American Horror Story for ruining two story anything for me. Escalators for the win. What do you guys think of the season 6 teasers? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right on over here to see how your favorite nickelodeon star’s style has evolved over the years on Dirty Laundry. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.
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  1. i woder if jessica lange is coming this seasons

  2. All to gether 3 sixes so 666 the devil



  4. I believe it has something to with Aliens killing humans in a in the middle of nowhere

  5. Okay so I'm pretty positive on this thought but does anyone else feel like the first three seasons were near perfect but the last two have just been flat out gruesome? Not that the first three seasons didn't have some disturbing ideas and images but the last to have seemed to be constant blood, sexual content, and lower storyline quality… This is to be expected since it's very obvious TV MA rating but the quality just hasn't been there for me. The last two just could've been better (they were at least good enough that I did keep watching lol) Personally hoping that this season is better than hotel ✌🏻️ Feel free to like if you agree 😅

  6. noice lol i love horror movies,shows but I'm i get scared alot n imagine em at night n all creeps me out badly but dunno y i like em 😀

  7. I love lady gaga's look in this but what is the theme??

  8. Creepy as EYF

  9. Hoping season 6 is about the anti Christ

  10. Guys it is obviously farm themed, with a main story following a slaughterhouse and chainsaw massacre esq. story line, also that crib full of knives and shit is of course bartholomew from season 5 who is the countess's (lady gaga's) child in witch didn't have much connection to season 5 so it would make perfect sense to see them coming back, I really do hope so!

  11. Is it true that Lana Del Rey is going to be in this season?

  12. This season is gonna be so good 👏🏻😂

  13. I think each episode it's going to be a hole different story

  14. Constance takes demonic baby to a small town and the baby rekts everything

  15. I think its the farm evan peters Charakter did life with his wife/s and michael did kill them 🤔

  16. Am i the only one who cant wait anymore 😩

  17. i think its about the family of cannibals in Texas. base on Texas chainsaw

  18. I think this season might be linked in with Miss Evers sons death

  19. I hope its a good plot this season, like they had with the Freak-Show! The last one with Lady Gaga was borderline gay porn and it was really distasteful and disgusting.. i mean just plain gross as fuk & not in a good way!

  20. I cant wait! It better deliver tho and not be as boring as hotel

  21. i hope Gaga came back 😭

  22. Will it be like a farm horror story? Since the first teaser looked like a farmhouse…

  23. Yas bitch!! Season 6!!! Well acording to the pattern, this will be in the past 1950's – 1960's.

    Seasons 1,3 and 5 develop in the current present and Seasons 2 and 4 develop like half century ago

  24. muffin top

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