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  1. Anyone elste noticethat jack killed himself in the first level

  2. Roses are red
    Vilots are blue
    I saw antisepticeye in the thumbnail
    And so did u

  3. 3 years huh

  4. 14:08 mario went down the pipe.

  5. We all just got click baited into thinking it was anti

  6. 7:05 Ambulance commits massacre
    Random Guy: LOL

  7. I saw the thumbnail, and reminded me of a certain someone

  8. when anti in the thumbnail something going to happen

  9. Him just dancing for like 30 seconds 😂😂😂😂

  10. i like how he didn’t notice the guy on the computer was him

  11. I miss this game 🙁

  12. .___________.

  13. Tip the video starts at 0:16

  14. "Ociffer it wasn't me i swear"

    -Jacksepticeye 2016

  15. Roses are red
    Violents are blue
    I couldn't be bothered to make poem
    Like if couldn't be bothered too

  16. 2:18 I think the dude was naked

  17. No one:

    Jack on 2016: 0:01

  18. When you try wiping the speck off the screen only to realize it's Jack's mouse.

  19. This is a lot like hotline miami

  20. no matter how many times i rewatch this, i still go hard af in that intro!

  21. 0:01 Jacksepticeye make me not realizing that he was dancing and he literally made me laugh. He’s going all out!

  22. 14:07 R.I.P. Super Mario (look at the toilet)

  23. I'm a normal person. I see Anti or Jack, I break my fingre.

  24. The last guy in the tutorial was in The Boss

  25. I can’t be the only one who clicked on this cus of anti

  26. Sup

  27. Is Jack having a cusier

  28. I love yr videos

  29. Lol

  30. Omg.. I were looking for this game sooooo long… i played a demo version of it in some site, i remembered it and wanted to find it.. im sooo happyyy

  31. 0:00 I need a loop of this dancing.

  32. Wait I know I'm watching in 2020 again but did anybody notice that the guy at the desk had green hair hints the creator is a fan of jack

  33. 8:05 jack killed himself.

  34. does anyone know the song in jacks intro

  35. Jack’s dance moves at the beginning we’re amazing! I couldn’t help but dance along! 😁

  36. Okay
    The thumbnail is LITTERALLY anti

  37. Any one else notice the guy at the computer looks like jack

  38. God. I have played this game before and by making the kills look accidental no one suspects you

  39. This game reminds me of hotline miami

  40. "The police will take care of this!"
    Police shows up, bags the body, then leaves it there and drives off.
    Yeah, okay.

  41. The music is so different from non youtuber mode

  42. This game just makes me think of the vine:
    Person: Help someone at prom has been killed please send he-
    Other person: calm down we don’t want a panic at the disco
    Insert z o o m

  43. if you’re at a party

    and people start dying

    leave the party

  44. I was here 3 years ago loving this game

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