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MotoVlog Motorcycle Clubs? People starting up MC's who've never prospected


On this Motovlog I answer two questions. Why do we report on the happenings in the Motorcycle Club Scene and What are my thoughts on people starting up Motorcycle Clubs who’ve never prospected before?
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  1. What do you think about those who start motorcycle clubs without prospecting themselves?

  2. I was at a party last weekend (a wedding) and was talking to a couple of patch holders from different clubs.
    The conversation was about a cat who had not been welcomed to one club and had his patch pulled from another.
    This particular individual has decided to start his own: his own running the colors of a local dominant 1% outfit.
    That local outlaw outfit doesn't fuck around. We were all in agreement he would undoubtedly be getting a visit.

    One of the guys in the conversation called the dumbass a "patch hunter" or something like that, I don't rightly recall.
    Anyway… I found the conversation interesting. I'll be watching the news for crap happening in NE Oregon.

  3. Hey Hollywood it's nice to see you on the road… Rock'N'Roll🤘see you soon!! peace Hollywood!!!

  4. Keep it 100

  5. I was at Laconia on Friday, just did a day trip, and HA had their support booth set up as usual. I would have to agree that they dont even bother with all the other MC that were walking around wearing a 3 piece cut. There were quite a few, names I have never seen or heard of before. However they did stay clear of the HA Booth lol ..

  6. Anyone else notice the grass in the road around a curve in the beginning of the video?

  7. If these clubs don't stay true to the old ways at least when it comes to hang around and prospecting must likely those clubs won't be successful I agree Hollywood seen it with my own eyes independent seems to be the way to go just ride share good times and keep away from the bad ones this culture was built on the idea of being free not having to pay or follow rules to please others who want control for thier own gains it's about FREEDOM… Right on Hollywood do you be you just stay real 👍

  8. No way to please everyone don't even try it , it's impossible just keep reporting the facts keep it real . It's just staying in the know 👍

  9. Enjoyed the ride along. Looked like a fairly nice day. Enjoyed the your replays to the questions also. Have a great weekend and happy father's day.

  10. Hollywood don't answer that question anymore rember when one crab climes up the rest will pull hom back down.

  11. Regardless of what your past is in the club scene, I do like that you present all sides and allow them to come on the show and tell their side; cops, clubs or otherwise. I am an independent but I have ties to people in clubs and would rather hear news that concerns bikers that is not skewed in one direction or another. There are only a few platforms that present things from both sides. I don't want to hear all club, all cop or all media news that is only leaning one way. Hearing all sides helps me better when I encounter issues that even independents get faced with some times.

  12. 👍🤝

  13. I only hear you talk about what's ALREADY is in the news and you always try to spin the information defending these clubs maybe even when they dont deserve it, they have no cause to be upset with you

  14. Taters gonna Tate

  15. ::: Waves :::
    WHOOT !!! Triples /

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