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More Than 80 Million Americans Told To Stay Home Amid Coronavirus | Sunday TODAY

More than 80 million Americans across five states are being put under stay-at-home orders as officials try to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The total number of cases in the United States have reportedly topped 24,000. NBC’s Kathy Park and Kelly O’Donnell report for Sunday TODAY, and Nahid Bhadelia and Chuck Todd join for analysis.
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More Than 80 Million Americans Told To Stay Home Amid Coronavirus | Sunday TODAY



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  1. Home treatment is better for control the virus.government will supply the daily needs grocery for virus attacked family.then they will not come to outside.

  2. Every state should have. Money making machine.
    And problem solved!?

  3. The screwed up part is even if you have accepted that this is actually happening your job may not.

  4. They want you to stay home but they don't want to test everybody ,make any sense .

  5. I wish God to help the US people and people all over the world escape Covid-19

  6. repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand turn to the lord and savior jesus christ

  7. Here’s a link to a documentary we just posted on how Coronavirus is affecting Las Vegas.


  8. A lot of talking points. Chuck Todd can save the country. People get on your knees.

  9. https://youtu.be/jWD-J70xiHA—-click here for change your life

  10. Corna virus new updates https://youtu.be/YQgX7cHgNqE

  11. 14 day quarantine??? Really??? A lady at work said her cousin came from Armenia 3 days ago without having his temperature checked in Armenia, New York, Russia, or LA. 😡
    All countries NEEDS to close their borders (OUR INCLUDED) ASAP and do a mandatory shut down and not open the borders until EVERYONE is clear.

  12. everyone needs to play it safe
    8 yr old message for the corona virus to all kids and families

  13. Don't think he's handling this the right way, he needs to listen to his medical advisers n other advisers. He doesn't know everything like he portrays

  14. Trucking companies in nj are not fallowing to stay home and why?????

  15. I spent most of my time at home anyway. This lockdown thingy wont make any difference to me either way

  16. Coronavirus is only a kind of cold, if feeling ill can stay at home, other healthy persons outside activities no need to wear mask.

  17. Maganda

  18. You will fight for your human rights, Isolation for 14 days is a violation of human rights

  19. Lol just watch Indians lmao 🤣🤣 they don't have any clue about this viruse

  20. Guys stay in home 😇😇 or rest in peace 🤒🤒

  21. The god of abraham isaac and jacob and my god his name is jehovah call on him he will heal our land.

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  23. What is our President is waiting for? more DEATH? we are already a long way behind this virus.

  24. PARA SALVAR VIDAS Y MATAR A LA PLAGA ROJA DEL DRAGÓN ROJO matar al virus en los que adquieren y los transmisores, tomar una cucharita envuelto en miel o una capsula con un vaso de agua tienes que tener algo en el estómago(comido algo) dos veces en el día por 7 días TIENE QUE SER de calcio También diluido una cucharadita en los bidones de 20 litros de agua, tiene que ser al 70% Hipoclorito de calcio Dado su elevado poder de antisepsia, se utiliza como agente desinfectante del agua de las piscinas, principalmente en concentraciones del 70%.1 Por tal motivo, se le hace llamar comúnmente cloro para piscinas hipoclorito de calcio se convierte en ácido cloroso en el cuerpo este ácido es probablemente el ácido más importante que el cuerpo

    produce para mantener la salud es un ácido débil que el sistema inmune humano fabrica para matar a cientos de patógenos como los virus, bacterias y hongos, de todo tipo en todo el cuerpo no así a la células humanas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucjNA3G3dGY&list=PLB_TjkI3AABStYoPx4ypJFgkCgBRQQqzE&index=2&t=0s

  25. People wake up and read this https://www.rt.com/op-ed/483758-coronavirus-constitutional-rights-government/?fbclid=IwAR24gUBWU0bgrScXR7kj-hhZftGMxVDnxCsU8NjJeFAs4UN5TYPflmWKCEM

  26. This is all because of china… boycott china

  27. Stop talking bad about the president.

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