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Marvel Studios' Black Widow – Official Teaser Trailer


  1. أجمل ممثلات كون

  2. العربي يحط لايك

  3. Hopper’s gonna come back to Hawkins a completely new man.

  4. Marvel: Black Widow Live

    CORONAVIRUS: No one will make it alive to see this


  5. Is good

  6. 2:01 that symbol makes me think about Black Widow Spider.

  7. Everyone: Is this a sequel?
    Marvel: This is a prequel.
    Me: sO tHiS iS iNsIdE tHe SoUl StOnE¿

  8. This summer
    Let me correct it:

  9. Great one of the weakest avenger vs the guys who trains most of the avengers the TASKMASTER THIS IS GREAT

  10. who is the best trailer
    Black widow ….. like
    wonder women….. comment

  11. 33 seconds in: " Start Playing Epic Music"…
    Me: Starting to loosen up my tie)……

    MCU: Superman is still Alive…

  12. So freaking happy it's gonna come out on my birthday
    6 november

  13. Jim Hopper!!!!!!!!!

  14. May 2020

    Marvel:*Marvel published Marvel Studios' Black Widow – Official Teaser Trailer*
    Red Skull:*AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*

  16. Lucky we get to see her one last time because she dies in endgame

  17. Now 'The Eternals' pls

  18. you know when a song is so good that you skip back to the beginning before it’s finished? this trailer has the same effect.

  19. OMG

  20. I love your channel your movies your all you are best channel

  21. So it's supposed to be out now
    …. , frickin corona

  22. Didnt she die?

  23. Corona : Marvel got Thanos, You got me

  24. There is a return of Iron Man after endgame

  25. So where’s the movie?

  26. Good

  27. Please tell me that it is Yelena who died during end game and nat is still alive

  28. So is she alive?

  29. This movie should be out by now… smh

  30. It won’t happen because of coronavirus

  31. I hope they mention Natasha's childhood!

  32. Did anyone else notice that it was Yelena who took down Natasha

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