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March 2015 Family Asia Trip: Hanoi / HaLong Bay, Vietnam (Part 3)

Highlights from our families trip to Vietnam in 2015.

Given we were in China over Spring Break, we decided to add on some beach time in Vietnam to our trip.

Here is the itinerary from our trip:
Day 1: Take Maglev to Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Depart for Hanoi on Vietnam Airlines Flight VN 0531.
– Take hotel shuttle to Hanoi Pearl Hotel

Day 2: Ha Long Bay trip (4 hour bus trip to Ha Long Bay)
– Lunch on Junk Boat
– Kayaking and swimming
– Dinner on Junk Boat
– Sleep on Junk Boat

Day 3: Monkey Island Resort (www.monkeyislandresort.com)
– overnight in Deluxe Garden View Room

Day 4: Return to Hanoi
– Taxi to airport upon arrival

Day 5: Flight to St.Louis
– Vietnam Airlines Flight #310 Hanoi (HAN) to Tokyo Narita
– 4.5 hour layover
– American Airlines Flight #176 Tokyo Narita to Dallas Fort Worth
– 3.5 hour layover
– American Airlines Flight #166 Dallas Fort Worth to St.Louis

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