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MAMMOTH Red Tail Catfish | CATFISH | River Monsters

Jeremy’s on the hunt for an electric eel, but he won’t complain when this mammoth catfish hooks on!

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Đồng Loạt Trúng Số, Mang Rổ Đựng Tiền, Xem Tử Vi Ngày 21/05/2020.

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  1. Thats beautiful fish

  2. I like jeremy wade.. 👍👍👍

  3. Damn, what a big catfish with red tail

  4. Sensasinya ngeriii coyyy 😳

  5. 👍👍👍

  6. I was kinda expecting that fish to say augh but………

  7. Some keep this in a let's 40 gal.Aquarium thinking it will grow at the size of the tank then boom outgrown the tank and suddenly they throw it at the creek near by then became invasive.
    Nico work 8/10👏

  8. Catch and release all the way.

  9. Why is this unavailable in the USA? Lol.

  10. Got a couple of blokes and a 3 metre flatty

  11. What tipe of pokemon is that?

  12. damn i want his baby

  13. Türküler beğenin yabancılar önemli bişey yazdı sansın

  14. 0:41 Seconds:
    Look at this smile of this cat fish.
    Seems like he is trying to say:
    Haha, no electric eel for you, bro!
    Better luck Next Time. ^^

  15. Watch this fishing video's till the end, I hope enjoy this video.
    Subscribe & press the bell icon

  16. I am Indian every episode this show

  17. I’ve been looking for this clip on the animal planet channel, so thanks to whoever runs this channel

  18. This fish is amazing

  19. When he pulls the fish out of the water 😂😂 dancing with him

  20. wowooooooooow 👌👌👌👌👌💖💚💙💙

  21. Legit. People ask me why I don’t go in the water at the beach. This is why.

  22. Jeremy is real hero..i like you man.!!you the boss!!🤝🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻✌🏻

  23. That was so big but i looked kind and nice .

  24. Love this…

  25. How long did he wait for this huge fish🤔

  26. Great fish! When are you going to fish in the Netherlands? We got enough cool species here as you can see in my video's!

  27. Stop showing monsters this days, stay home stay safe, Covid 19 is invincible

  28. Platinum red tail wild caught nice

  29. I love Catfish 😀

  30. Hello everyone

  31. not the target species but still a nice catch👍🎣

  32. One of my favorite show 😍❤️ 💙💕😂

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