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LUXURY RESORTS IN LAOS – Jet skis and Pools

LUXURY RESORTS IN LAOS – Jet skis and Pools

This was our last full day in Laos – and we had an amazing time. We jumped on a jetski and explored the lake then relaxed in a pool. The day was capped off with a delicious meal and a comfy bed! We’re loving these luxury resorts in Laos!

Sanctuary Nam Ngum Beach Resort:

Nam Ngum Lake:


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  1. Wow, seem like SE Asia is where you get the most out of your bucks. Thanks for sharing guys.

  2. hi my name is sinnakhone and a hotel there is named sinnakhone hotel in the capital of laos

  3. I’m laos

  4. Wow what place to relax..thk foe info.

  5. I’m not crazy about jet skiing but you just took it to a new level . Just the smiles on your faces and capturing that “We’re jet skiing in Laos” moment was really beautiful. You guys are very cool 😉 Adding it to my list now !

  6. Nice thumbnail display

  7. That was awesome photography and a beautiful place to match..probably one of the better vlogs ive watched…keep rollin rollin rollin ☺

  8. The hotel outside appearance looks luxurious but the hotel room itself does not look luxurious like compared to the thai resorts. Nevertheless beautiful

  9. Beautiful place

  10. I have been told drones are not allowed so was going to leave ours at home? Would love to take it with us.

  11. Do you fly to Vientiane to get here?

  12. What month did you visit

  13. I love you ลาว

  14. How did you 2 get to this place in Laos. Location please and price on the hotel?

  15. Wow I’ve been to that place but didn’t realise they resorts like that there.

  16. Wow another amazing find. This resort is definitely better than the other one. Definitely going to visit this one bc of the jet ski.

  17. Thank you very much for visiting Laos

  18. Wow Laos is beautiful

  19. Laos is beautiful place to go for a vacation , hope it will be so happy after that

  20. Peace and quiet in paradise. This is my dream. Laos has less people. No need to worry about the noise.

  21. Awesome Awesome footage. This place is about 20KM from my home town(Phon Hong). Count me in. Can't wait!!! Thanks

  22. ຍີນດີຕ້ອນຮັບສູ່ປະເທດລາວ 🇱🇦

  23. I want to go 😍

  24. Vile people this is a million miles from every day life in Lao you disgusting flang filth

  25. Laos is still unexplored, unspoiled, and undeveloped!! If europeans beachcomber wants to explore this will be the best time to do it to get the best of both world…

  26. Really nice video mate, the drone footage at the start was very creative, I also liked some of the other video work such as the little touches like the 2x effect at the beginning of the jet ski ride, to make it look so smooth and effortless takes a fair bit of work filming and editing 10/10 by the way, where in Laos was that, any recommendations for Laos, many thanks, from London.

  27. how the hell, luxury resort has bugs in the bed, that is scary

  28. Waw so beautiful❤️ , i'm from indonesia

  29. Welcome to laos

  30. Laos is Beautiful!!

  31. Man want a dream trip you two are having I just sold your video when I look up Lao street foods …you too are so lucky to go there to Lao I was born there I haven't return to visit my dad's family all still leaving there one day I will find the courage to visit hopefully with my girls show where I came from I was only 5 when I left there now I'm 42yrs old …great video Marcus and with your lovely and beautiful wife Amanda I will keep on watching your video from now on love you two😘

  32. Best thing about Green View Resort is the fishing. You were there at the right time of year, too.

  33. SABAIDEE 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  34. that's amazing place . welcome to laos .

  35. Can you please add me to your channel?

  36. First fix your ugly face then house on the lake.

  37. Sabaidee

  38. We need more booty shots

  39. WOW laos is beautiful!!!

  40. Oh very nice guys! Looked like some amazing resorts to stay at (other than the bugs!) We just put out our vlogs on Laos as well, did a river cruise from Thailand to Luang Prabang down the Mekong. Check it out if you get some time 🙂 Cheers guys and see you next time! Love you videos 🙂

  41. Most relaxing to be on the water ! 😎# 90 thumbs up

  42. holy epic drone intro. That was incredible! – T

  43. well..thats it then..soon as my friend comes back from Kandahar I`m handing his business back to him,selling all my stuff and heading to SE asia..weeee!

  44. Yes..Amanda has a new goal..come on mark get working..
    10:10 thete goes mark practicing for summer games 2020 japan ..watch out

  45. Your video concentrated more in the second place you stayed. But the first place, where you woke up, looked nice and peaceful.

  46. Great video! Love the drone shots!

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