Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid analysis: How much blame does Adrian deserve? | UEFA Champions League

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol, Alejandro Moreno and Frank Leboeuf break down Atletico Madrid’s 3-2 comeback win that knocked Liverpool out of the UEFA Champions League. Nicol puts the blame squarely on goalkeeper Adrian whose error led to a goal from Atletico Madrid’s Marcos Llorente. Moreno adds that Adrian’s lack of confidence in net was palpable and agrees the Reds sorely missed injured goalkeeper Alisson.


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  1. Yes he made a slight mistake but do not take away the finishes from llorente. Liverpool should have never gone into extra time

  2. First goal: Adrian's fault close to 100%. Terrible distribution and panicked whilst trying to redeem the situation. Defence were hung out to dry

    Second goal: Letting Morata travel 50 yards and into the final third unchallenged was the first issue. Van Dijk backing off was lackadaisical and Gomez should also engage Llorente much sooner before he shoots. Adrian could and should have saved the shot. In elite European competition, you would want your goalkeeper to save that.

    Third goal: Again, lazy defending. Offside trap was executed hopelessly by Gomez, have to give Morata credit for steadying himself and finishing with aplomb.

    Adrian set the tone no doubt but the defence in extra time didn't do him any favours.

    Finally, for any Liverpool fans criticising the style of play of Atletico Madrid or the supposed unethical nature of the outcome… Your team made critical mistakes and at the highest level you are very likely to punished. Atletico Madrid pounced on the mistakes and finished the chances presented to them. That's football. I would also like to stress that Costa went clean through after 13 seconds, the offside trap immediately looked extremely risky.

    The right team won or certainly there wasn't a wrong team.

  3. Liverpool’s cry baby is comes out 🤣 Jajajaa

  4. Stevie lol😂

  5. Can’t blame the goalie for losing it’s clearly the defenders weren’t doing their job

  6. 0:42 – "reeehahsebeagb Atletico MADREEEED, other than the FAAAIRST minute of the GEEEIM…"

    but they were through 🙁

  7. Liverpool is trash. White people really don't like watching browns play their sport better than them. They just can't say it.

  8. STEVE 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥

  9. So now for the English site it’s all on the goal keeper 🤔 what about the other players who missed chances after another?

  10. Yes it was mostly the goalies fault. He looked very shaky, and
    Klopp should have fortified the defense instead of pressing forward and exposing the defense.

  11. Atletico shoots on goal many times , it is like they did not watch the game .

  12. Steve is so biased. They lost the game end of!

  13. Only the sore losers blame the goalkeeper for one single mistake. If liverpool was good enough, they would have scored another goal after and win it 3-1!

  14. It not the goalkeeper fault because other player had chance of score and la liga defenders is better than liverpool defender

  15. I wouldn’t blame Adrian tbh, he conceded three goals but he only ever made a mistake in one of them, I don’t think Alison could’ve saved Morata’s goal either, it’s really the entire team’s fault for not being “on point”

  16. ALL of the blame!

  17. LFC did everything they could. There is no need to blame anybody. Atleti is a better team and they have a better coach. That is why they won. That is all. As simple as that!..

  18. " you will never walk along " it's all adrains fault 😂😂

  19. When Oblak did the same mistake in first leg (26th minute), why did Liverpool not converted that into goal? It is wrong to portray that Adrian is the sole reason for the loss. Liverpool goal conversion rate was poor throughout the legs.

  20. Of the 217 minutes (122 '+ 95') the two legs lasted Atleti was classified in 159 ', tied for 55' and only 3 'with the tie lost. Perhaps Simeone work should be recognized.

  21. Adrian lost it. That's it. Liverpool played incredibly. They missed some chances but scored as many as they needed until Adrian. Simple as that.

  22. Hahaha i love hearing stevie nicol make excuses for liverpool 🤣🤣🤣 atletico madrid giant killers

  23. If you look at llorente's 2 goals you'd see that all liverpool's defense are just watching him take the shot,it's Adrian's fault that his defenders are afraid of direct contact

  24. Being a goalkeeper is the toughest job in football. When your forwards miss a thousand chances, it is alright but when a goalkeeper gives the ball to the opponent, he drowns the whole team. Liverpool just fell on their face. Is it so difficult to accept that? Accept that you were unable to break Atleti's defense. Accept that your "best" front three struggled in front of that wall and most importantly, accept that you lost at Anfield and in front of your fans. Atletico only brought the Liverpool players and their fans back to the land from the clouds.

    "Welcome to Anfield."

  25. this fu– steve now blaming injury but when jose loss he show his real face

  26. Why do we still watch this channel?!?

  27. I watched this game after it ended just to see the faces of the Liverpool players and fans when they got beat. Hahahah

  28. Imagine if you interchange the keepees

  29. Adrian defo lost them that game. Once he gave that ball away and they scored, they had to chase the game. I knew they were finished after that

  30. Stevie sounds like a spoilt child

  31. Sure, Adrian made the mistake. But, he was not at fault for the last 2 goals. And for his first mistake, yes, it is a bad one, but Felix and Llorente still had so much to do. When people say its because of Adrian, they are ignoring the facts. When you miss so many chances, fail to get a shot on target in the first leg, and when your defense can't deal with a counterattack spearheaded by MORATA then you don't get to blame it all on your goalkeeper.

  32. Liverpool fans before the game: You will never walk alone.
    Liverpool fans after the game: Why did we lose the game? ADRIAN!!

  33. The audacity! Lmho. If you are going to blame Adrian and say Atleti just got lucky then I dare say everything balanced out nicely. I doubt Firmino was aiming for that goal post when he scored. If the god of luck for Atletico was why Adrian passed to the wrong fellow,then the god of luck was why Oblak was drawn out of position after Firmino hit the post and buried the ball on the rebound. When it came to balance,the god of luck was thooooorrooooouughhhh

  34. Llorente scored 25% of his career goals against liverpool

  35. When he gave the ball away there were two Athletico players off side and Llorente was 4 on 1, the second one Van Dijk just stopped running and was 3 on 1. Adrian clearly made a mistake but his defence let him down massively.

  36. Adrian 100 percent no brainer

  37. Stevie need to chill and accept that Liverpool lost

  38. Give adrian a five years contract liverpool plssss

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