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Lena Dunham Joins Cast of American Horror Story Season 7

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American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy just announced on Twitter that Lena Dunham will be joining the cast of the upcoming seventh season of the show. Ryan tweeted out the news to fans, writing QUOTE, “Thrilled that my talented friend Lena Dunham is joining the AMERICAN HORROR STORY family. Always wanted to work together, and now we r!”

Lena wrapped up her HBO show Girls earlier this year, and while she’s had other guest stars on shows like Scandal and The Simpsons, her Horror Story casting news definitely comes as a very random surprise.

Deadline is reporting that Lena will only be on one episode of the season. She joins an already impressive cast, including AHS veterans Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, in addition to newcomers Billy Eichner, Billie Lourd, and Colton Haynes.

Per usual the production is keeping tight lipped on all plot and character details, so we have no idea who Lena will be playing. We do, however, know that season 7’s theme relates to the 2016 election. Ryan has dropped a few hints here and there as to what we can expect from the show, like there will at one point be a person entirely covered in BEES (no thank you!), and that while Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be a part of the season, they will be seen via TV clips, and not played by actors.

Alright guys now I wanna know what YOU think of Lena being added to the American Horror Story season 7 cast, and which actors would YOU love to see appear on the show? Throw down all your thoughts in the comments section below, and then be sure to subscribe for more News Feed. Thanks so much for hanging with me, I’m your girl Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. annnnd I'm done, one episode is enough to put anyone off

  2. That show has been going to shit since season 3.

  3. I want Taissa Farmiga and Jessica Lange backkkkk pls

  4. wtf?!!!!!

  5. Won't be watching. Why do they give her work? She's a pig who molested her sister. And sounds proud of it. I hope they kill her

  6. gross👎👎👎

  7. i miss tiassia and evan!

  8. Fuck off

  9. I guess I won't be watching season 7.

  10. who's lena

  11. Ugh, Lena Dunham is annoying and creepy. Why would they put her on one of my favorite shows?


  13. Fuck this Bitch!
    bring back Taissa Farmiga! she already wrapped up filming The Nun.

  14. I am done with the show now.

  15. oh boy, it's probably going be the weirdest season yet.

  16. pukes everywhere

  17. Season 1 to 3 had the best stories by far imo. I feel like they went away with the great story and little bit of horrorness to lets just try to scare

  18. NooooooooooooooooooNooooooooo😵😷.

  19. Colton Haynes I see you boo👀😏❤️my TW homie

  20. So Ryan Murphy supports child molesters?

  21. Ugh why😑

  22. Billie Lourd, hell yes!

  23. Oh come on seriously yea just get rid of gaga and Jessica Lange and give us this bucket of trash👿

  24. sighs We wanted Lily Rabe not Lena! :I

  25. I will stop watching

  26. Ew gross

  27. God why

  28. who the fuck is she and why everyone hates her?

  29. Why. She can't just don't. Please. AHS is my fav show.

  30. Well… not watching that anymore

  31. We want Jessica Lange back✌

  32. Wasn't Ryan Murphy supposed to reveal the theme of the 7th season today

  33. I hope she dies in the first episode

  34. She won't even need a creepy persona(sp?)

  35. Yes. Cast the woman that molested her one year old sister. Boy bye.

  36. What will Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) think that Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) will be working with Colton Haynes. hahahahahahahahah. I miss the whines of Chanel #5 and for sure Chanel #3 wouldn't care. HAHAHAHAHAH. I miss the Chanels 🙂

  37. My whole body just vibrated with complete rage

  38. Who thought this was a good idea

  39. ew.

  40. Interesting.

  41. I don't know the new girl in the cast, but there is no reason to hate…. she will be in one episode… so I think everyone can just ignore her character… she will probably be in the first episode, then they kill her off…

  42. We need Jessica Lange back…

  43. fck i hate her

  44. Ohh Noooo🤦🏻‍♀️

  45. Now this is the true American Horror story.

  46. I heard she plays the role of a child molester this new season

  47. Well another reason not watch

  48. This news is as bad as Chester Bennington's suicide
    What a sad day in the world of celebrities.

  49. Why isn't anyone paying attention to the fact that we hate her and don't want her pushed on us…

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