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Lana Del Rey – Season Of The Witch (From The Motion Picture "Scary Stories T…

Lana Del Rey – Season Of The Witch
from Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark’


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Out August 30th

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  1. Obviamnete prefiero la de Donovan, pero Lana no lo hace mal :0

  2. Didn't they have donovans in the movie witch in my opinion sounds like it has much much more energy and also this song is too new to be 1968

  3. the more i listen to this the more I like it

  4. The Love Witch ♥️💋✨

  5. My mom loves this book series….

  6. I LOVE IT .

  7. I absolutely love the Donovan version, but this is sounds really cool. I like how it sounds creepier and more ominous, almost like Lana Del Rey is the witch herself.

  8. Can't she just be on AHS already, and perform this w Stevie Nicks

  9. Как я пропустила эту песню?????

  10. The song is originally from Donovan (same title), nevertheless Lana made again another beautiful version <3

  11. Ever since I saw the movie and the credits I’ve loved this song so mutch

  12. I love this song but I didn't see the movie

  13. This comment section is cancerous

  14. I love this movie.

  15. This makes me feel like a powerful, seductive supreme witch from the 60's.

  16. This version for the sequel of The Craft 👌💜

  17. I love this movie!

  18. Just here thinking about the queen of hell Rowena MacLeod🤠💕

  19. Yeah, the Donovan one is better.

  20. Sorry but the original is way better

  21. 2020?

  22. American Horror Story needs to cast Lana Del Rey

  23. I’m gonna listen to this every year for Halloween

  24. I think she did this song justice with her cover of it ✌🏻

  25. 😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞💞🥺😤😤🥴👀🥶🙌🏽💞💕☝🏼🙏🏽🤑😪🥺🥰

  26. Breath million dollar man 👨 🥶☺️‼️💕😒

  27. I knew that was her!

  28. eu só queria que a Lana participasse de American horror story como bruxa PUTA QUE PARIU seria tudooooo

  29. Must be the season of the witch.
    – I'm not a witch, I'm you wife!

  30. When the Summer of Sadness ends and the Oktoberfest begins : must be the season of the witch.

  31. homenaje a Donovan.
    lana es una verdadera artista de cultura

  32. 0:55


  34. ★★★★★

  35. This ones better than the original🤷 it’s giving me Halloween in the 1960s vibe🖤

  36. I want part 2 of this movie

  37. "rise rise rise above above above spread your your your love love love DAYLIGHT DAYLIGHT DAYLIGHT COMES!!! pass it on." DJ KEOKI pass it on –

  38. one day eye will see with my waking eyes your eyes like a flame in my heart!!! "PICK YOUR PATH and eye will pray" – FLEETWOOD Mac –

  39. Delete this stupid cover please 😤

  40. Is this movie any good?

  41. Such a peaceful voice.. iconic😍

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