Kim Da Mi ♥ Park Seo Joon ~ behind the scenes moments

You can find all behind the scenes clips on jtbc’s youtube channel.
Drama & song at the end of the video.
Thank you for watching!
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American Horror Story Pepper Interview 2013!

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  1. Hello everyone! 😊
    Thank you for watching and for all your sweet comments, I appreciate every view and comment ❤
    If you are curious about the song's name, just check the end of the video, I always write the name of the song used, the name of the singer and the name of the drama in my videos.
    Thank you again! 🥰
    Stay safe 😊❤

  2. If only she was prettier…. I woulda watched this😢. You can hate all you want but it’s true.

  3. Awwe they r so cute

  4. Does anyone think that PSJ and KDM really look alike, specially when they both smile 🙂 I belive it's fate for theme to meet each other.

  5. Tbh this is my first fave ever leading lady in park seo joon's drama 😂 dami is so cute and I even fell in love w/ her character jo yi seo and their chemistry is just 😍 my new ship came lol

  6. Guess i am still not over this drama as i am still craving for their sweet moments🤣🤣🤣

  7. Love love all of you . Great drama great acting. Loved this drama very much.💖🌹🌹💖

  8. what is song name??

  9. The girl from secretary kim is perf for him

  10. 5:14 #metoo

  11. Another drama,another ship❤️ that will most probably not happen 💔(low chances because they might be only hyping us all up since they do need to promote it)

  12. 저작권안걸림?

  13. Cưng quá à ❤️

  14. Her bright smile,, so cutee

  15. aww so sweet

  16. 무슨노래인가요

  17. 아팥하챁 ….새로이서가 넘 좋아요

  18. 또 엮는다 또 거의 엮은이 수준 근데나도 동의한다

  19. I have never been the fans for any actor until i watch itaewon and know Kim Da-mi, really like her, she is not the kind of girl who is consider very beautiful at first look, but you will feel she is the girl who with personality beauty and attraction gradually over time, honestly i have been attracted deeply by her, but there are still no too much clips, videos and films about her from network, even the IG was created recently. thanks publisher for this video, hopefully you could publish more video about her in near future, thanks

  20. idk why but i just enjoy look at them together. Full of laughter. I ship them!!!!!!

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