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Key and Peele: Can You Be Too Nice at the Office? | The New York Times

To illustrate the work of Adam Grant and his theories on the benefits of helping others, we asked the comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to demonstrate the art of workplace altruism.

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Key and Peele aka Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are one of the funniest comedy duos working in the business right now. Jordan Peele recently released the break-out hit Get Out. While Keegan-Michael Key is best known as Obama’s Anger Translator and of course Substitute Teacher.


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Key and Peele: Can You Be Too Nice at the Office? | The New York Times

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  1. The only reason I'm bringing coffee to my coworker is to reference this scene. Lol

  2. The most civil one-upmanship they've done after the hats, scat, facial hairs, human sounds, MLK-Malcolm X, etc.

  3. Hey you. The one reading this comment. I will give you $5 because I WANT THAT FOR YOU.

  4. And then the boss fire them both..lol

  5. Imagine them in the office with Michael

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣No appreciation

  7. Filmed with the all new iPhoneX.

  8. It is pronounced leisure not leesure

  9. Dwight and Andy vibes

  10. I like how they typing while the screensaver is on

  11. "Quaranta"


  12. The left cam is as stabilized as my sanity

  13. Couldn't have expressed ALTRUISM better!!!!!!!!!!! Joke

  14. Wonder who is here in 2020

  15. I can ride my bike with no handlebars

  16. Jordan aggressively typing on the desktop screen

  17. Oh I know office people are PATHETIC

  18. This is like the Office US, when Dwight and Andy keep trying to one-up each other in niceness, but on steroids

  19. Definitely sarcasm

  20. This is just about passive aggression in the workplace

  21. Is this a Jojo The Office reference?

  22. This never gets old.

  23. Yeaaaaaa this was a throw away 🥱🥱🥱😴😴😴

  24. Am I watching the office?

  25. Never thought I’d find a Key and Peele that’s really not that funny. Hmmmm

  26. 😂

  27. 0:41 lunch but tonight =))

  28. I want to know where I can buy that coffee

  29. vivid power intentions expression articulated linearly for us as any scenario where better is promised soothes healths

  30. So positive! I love it

  31. ANdu=y and Dwight already did this

  32. Weird champ copying the office

  33. I clicked Like Button twice. Twice as generous.

  34. That was a brutal nice off…

  35. they forgot to point out to the fact that you can really save your knees if you squeeze your butt while walking

  36. 🤣

  37. they got a macbook screenshot printed out and taped on the computer screen

  38. Yoooo

  39. The hostility when Peele says "uh my friend" then glares at Keegan (1:54) … love it

  40. This reminded me of the fight between Dwight and Andy 🤣

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